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7 reasons not to move the piano by yourself

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7 reasons not to move the piano by yourself

Are you moving a piano to another home or do you just want to move it to another room? Regardless of your reason, do not move the piano by yourself. It pays to make a risk assessment as DIY moving of piano is a dangerous job. You can easily damage an expensive instrument. You can also damage other property. And you can easily sustain serious injuries. Don’t wait until you have experienced these perils, before realizing that it is better to hire professional movers. 

Moving companies have the right people who have the skills, proper equipment, and insurance to complete such a demanding task. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should hire Next Stop Movers Raleigh for a risk-free piano move.

A grand piano on the stage with a chair in front, surrounded with wooden construction and flowers, and so heavy, which is a reason not to move piano by yourself.
The grand and upright piano is both heavy, which is a reason not to move piano by yourself.
  1. The piano is a very heavy instrument to move by yourself

There are two main types of pianos: grand piano and upright piano. Both types are massive and heavy. That’s because their soundboard and their entire casing are usually made of solid wood. Besides, some of the piano’s internal components are made of cast iron. On average, a grand piano can weigh up to 1300 pounds. Meanwhile, upright pianos weigh between 300 and 800 pounds, depending on their type.

Moving even the smallest piano properly and safely requires skills and knowledge as well as appropriate equipment. Hence, it’s always better to let professional movers take on the job.

  1. The shape and uneven weight of pianos make them more challenging to move

When you look at any grand piano, you will notice that it is oversized and has an odd shape. They also have uneven weight distribution. The reason for this is that pianos have strings of varying lengths and weights to produce different notes. The same can be said for upright pianos. They may look even on the outside but they also have significant weight distribution differences. Moving objects with uneven shapes and weights without the help of piano movers Raleigh NC is a great risk.

A damaged upright piano standing against the brick wall.
Even upright pianos are heavy and can easily get damaged during relocation.
  1. Pianos are quite expensive

Moving a piano is not cheap. It takes more people to move it. You will also need the appropriate equipment. And besides all that, its weight will affect the total cost of moving. On the other side, pianos can be very expensive. The price depends on the make, model, and age. They can cost from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, the last thing you would like is to damage such a valuable item. And putting it at risk when moving on your own is not the wisest decision. Even after the smoothest relocation, re-turning of your piano will cost $150-$300 dollars.

So, the last thing you would like is to have additional costs. Losing a grip on such a heavy object can lead to injuries and serious damage. And both may be very costly.

  1. You will risk sustaining injuries while moving piano

 A lot of disasters can happen when you take the DIY route when moving a piano. Besides damaging the piano, you can also sustain injuries. Even if you have friends who will help you with this task, it is still risky. You can hurt your back or get a spine disc injury due to improper handling.

So, in addition to paying for the piano repair, you will also pay for expensive medical bills. Remember, the friends helping you are not insured. When you hire professional, skilled, and insured movers Morrisville NC, you can avoid such sad outcomes.

  1. You may damage the property

Dropping so heavy an item as the piano is bad enough. You can easily end up spending thousands of dollars on repair. Besides, moving the piano by yourself can cause other damage too. As you and your friends are amateur movers, damaging the surrounding space is not impossible. Some of the damage that can occur are:

  • Scratches on the walls
  • impact dents or cracks on the wall
  • scratches or dents on the door frame
  • damaged door threshold
  • torn carpets
  • damaged hardwood floors
  • destroyed staircase, etc.

You should also keep in mind that the average piano has about 7,000 internal components. So, the impact on a wall or door will also affect some of them. Additionally, the impact may cause damage to the legs and piano casing.

A doctor in white coat holding red stethoscope.
Keep in mind the cost of hospital treatment in the case of a DIY accident.
  1. To move a piano safely, you need a specialized equipment

 When moving a piano, you will need to buy specialized equipment. It is not possible to move the piano without it. And for example, only a skipping board alone will cost you hundreds of dollars. Besides this, you will need other equipment, to ensure the stability of your piano while in motion. And, even having all the necessary equipment, to move a piano by yourself, you need skills. So, moving a piano from one place to another, you should leave it to experienced professionals. They have the appropriate skills. And packing services Raleigh NC have all the special tools that move your piano securely.

  1. Transporting the piano from one location to another is not simple

 Transportation is yet another reason not to move a piano by yourself. You have to consider hiring a truck where you can load the piano and transport it to another location. Not only that, but you must also think about how to keep it safe during the move and how to unload it safely to its next destination.

You can save yourself from all the hassles when you hire professional movers. They will move and transport your piano safely. Their services come complete with peace of mind.

Saving money on a moving budget is what most people are looking for. However, a piano is among household items that are difficult to move without professionals. As we could see, spending a bit more money to hire professional help is a clever decision. And it can save you from many unexpected costs. And from many additional problems.

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