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7 reasons people are moving from Morrisville to Hillsborough

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7 reasons people are moving from Morrisville to Hillsborough

North Carolina is at the top of many people’s lists of possible relocation areas, and Hillsborough is one of their best city choices. It boasts of many great things, making it an ideal place for living. If you are considering moving from Morrisville to Hillsborough, Next Stop Movers are here to help ensure you have a successful relocation. We are trained professionals with excellent moving and storage Raleigh NC that can execute any kind of move.

a forest in autumn
There are many reasons people are moving from Morrisville to Hillsborough.

1. It is a relatively safe place 

Living in North Carolina has a lot of advantages. One of the reasons people are moving from Morrisville to Hillsborough is because the city offers a higher sense of safety. Compared to other cities in the country, it has a lower crime rate. In fact, Hillsborough is in the 56th percentile for safety.

On the other hand, although Morrisville is a quite safe place, the crime rate seems to be slightly above the one of Hillsborough. People who live in Morrisville and are considering moving to Hillsborough don’t need to worry much about safety.

2. Hillsborough’s history is magnificent

Hillsborough is a city with a rich history. It was made over the ruins of multiple Native American settlements that date back to 1000 CE. In fact, Orange, which is one of its towns, was built on the site where the Great Indian Trading Path crossed the Eno River.

Many mansions in the city also have a historical reputation, such as the Alexander Dickson house. This mansion, which is now the town’s tourist center, served as Joseph E. Johnston’s headquarters during the Civil War.

Are you moving from Morrisville to Hillsborough soon? To make your relocation appear less stressful and more enjoyable, hire movers in Morrisville NC. Next Stop Movers, being one of the finest moving companies North Carolina has to offer, is completely committed to their client’s needs. Their broad local expertise and an experienced team of movers are your chance for a simple and stress-free relocation.

a history book pages forming a heart
Hillsborough’s history is deeply interesting and inspiring.

3. Has a variety of family-friendly activities

Hillsborough offers many different places and activities for the whole family. You are sure to find a lot of enjoyable, fun, and thrilling activities when you visit the Eno River and Occaneechi Mountain. Your family will also have fun exploring various art galleries, retail shops, historic buildings, and museums. There are live music venues and pubs here, too. Furthermore, there is an array of parks and playgrounds for children. While some neighborhoods in Morrisville seem more quiet and isolated, Hillsborough seems more welcoming and exciting. Visitors and citizens never feel bored in a location this beautiful and lively!

4. Excellent shopping hub

Shopping in Hillsborough is never an issue because it is home to plenty of shopping centers and stores. Shopping lovers will be able to relax and enjoy the experience. For instance, Hillsborough Exchange is located in the center of the city. It features a diverse range of high street and small stores. Moreover, it is easily accessible by car, bus, or tram.

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5. Amazing art scene

Whether you are a painter or someone who appreciates art, you will find Hillsborough’s art scene remarkable. The Hillsborough Gallery of Art contains the work of different artists. Exhibited here are traditional and contemporary paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, photography, watercolors, etc.

Other galleries worth exploring include Olivia’s Art Gallery, Margaret Lane Gallery, and Hillsborough Art Council.

6. Beautiful gardens

The scenery in Hillsborough is breathtaking. One of its famous botanical gardens is The Montrose, which has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. The property’s gardens include several acres of wild vegetation, arbors, and some of the most gorgeous flowers you can imagine. In case you want to see this beauty, group tours are available.

7. Food is delicious

When you’re hungry in Hillsborough, you don’t have to search far to find a place to eat. Something tasty awaits you around every corner. If you’re not sure what you want to eat, don’t worry. Restaurants and bars in Hillsborough provide a variety of cuisines and dishes from all over the world. For instance, you don’t need to go to Mexico to try one of the best spicy tacos in North Carolina.

spicy Mexican taco
Don’t forget to try delicious Mexican tacos in Hillsborough.

Final thoughts

Although both places seem similar, a few nuances make Hillsborough a better place to live than Morrisville. Its low crime rates and good education system are just some of the many reasons people are moving from Morrisville to Hillsborough. This city is a very exciting place that keeps you active all the time. When you feel exhausted from playing with your kids, you can visit one of the best restaurants in Hillsborough to try delicious American cuisine. Of course, moving to Hillsborough might necessitate


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