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Best NC Places for Small Business Owners

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Best NC Places for Small Business Owners

Starting from the beginning is a scary thing. You have to do everything from the start and not too many people are ready for something like this. However, some places just offer better conditions, and people should take advantage of them. North Carolina is one of the states where there are many great places for small business owners. Your business would most likely flourish here but it is not all just about the location. So, we will give you a list of places you should consider if you want to open your business. After that, all you are left with to do is find a moving company in Raleigh NC that will do the transition and that is it. However, both of these jobs are important for a safe move so make sure you handle them properly!


Not all great places for people who want to open small businesses have to be big. Hickory is just in the middle and you do not need anything more from it. It has around 40,000 residents and that means that this place is still developing. There are many choices for you here, and you should use the opportunity to open your own small business. You may be surprised but there are over 5,400 businesses here so you should be able to find your luck!

Morehead City

This is a port town that can offer a lot of people that want to open a small business. It has around 10,000 residents, and that makes it pretty small. However, with around 1,400 businesses, we can say that this place is doing pretty great. This is a great place to go in search of your luck, and you should be able to do just fine!

morehead city as one of greatest places for small business owners
Want to live by the water? You have your chance


Even though this place has only around 7,700 residents, you should not let it slip through your fingers. This place is called the biggest small town in North Carolina, and for a good reason. This place has its own telecommunication and electric center, which is a big thing. Another big fact that could sway you into choosing movers Wake Forest NC for your move is the fact that 1,200 business generates 2.2 million dollars each year. Not a bad thing for a place in this city. That is why we include this place in the list of places for small business owners in North Carolina!


The focus of this place was on manufacturing a few decades ago. However, when the recession came, things started to change drastically. The city of Conover started more and more into service-oriented industries. That makes it quite a great place for people who want to start a small business. If you are worried about the size of this place, you should not. There are not too many open businesses, so it makes it a pretty great opportunity for you.


We have come to the big place not. Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina, and therefore, a pretty big city. It is an administrative center of this place, and all businesses function and operate properly. There are various different things you can do here like:

  • tourism
  • food businesses
  • sports recreation
  • textile businesses
  • retail
  • paper products etc

Of course, this is not the complete list. We just wanted to give you a heads up on what you can do here once you decide to move. After you make up your mind, you should take care of the moving part by choosing the right moving services Raleigh from the movers. Be cautious here because we know that enthusiasm can carry people away. Do not rush your decision and you will be able to do everything just fine!

raleigh by night
Want a big marker? Raleigh may be for you


Another great place if you are willing to open a small business. Durham is another big place with around 283,000 residents. That makes it significantly smaller than Raleigh, but it does not do anything to the business industry. This place is becoming bigger and bigger by the year since more people are willing to move here. Durham is one of the places where the biomedical sciences are the number one business in the city. However, you should not think that there is not anything more than that. We can guarantee that you should not have too many troubles starting a business of your own choice if you already do not want to work in the biomedical area.

a bull in front of buildings
Durham offers you a ton of opportunities

Relocating your current business to these places for small business owners? Do it properly!

It is one thing to open a business in a new place, but a whole other area is when you want to expand to another area. It will require you to reliable commercial movers Raleigh NC that will relocate your business with ease. It will require a lot of time and dedication to find the proper movers first. After that, you have to organize everything, decide which city you want to move to, find a suitable office space and much more. This can last for months, and this says how important this task really is!

Starting a new small business in these places should be a far easier job

On the other hand, if you are moving from one place to one of these, it is much easier. You do not have to worry about managing your whole equipment from your current business. This is a task where you can just use a regular Apex NC moving company that has plenty of experience in residential moving. The best thing is that this should not take as long, and you should not have that much stress when moving. However, before you do all of this, make sure you do your research and decide which place you really want to start your new life.


North Carolina is full of places for small business owners, as you can see. All you have to do is think of the perfect one among all of these. We can assure you that no matter which place you pick, you are going to make it!


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