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Common moving estimate terms and their meaning

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Common moving estimate terms and their meaning

One of the most important things about moving is finding the right North Carolina movers that will handle your moving process. However, before hiring them, you need to get a moving quote. There is a lot of unknown about them among people and we are going to explain this in detail before you finalize your relocation. Here are the most important moving estimate terms that you need to know in order to relocate as safely as possible!

What is a moving estimate?

This is the first thing that you have to learn before you get to hire your movers is what the term ‘moving estimate’ actually means. Even though it is self-explanatory, it should still be explained in detail. A moving estimation is basically a number that tells you how much your relocation is going to cost. However, a lot of people make mistakes when they interpret this estimation. First of all, you have to understand that this number is not the final one. The price of your relocation can change depending on a lot of things. Some of the most important are:

  • the weight of your items in total
  • the number of moving services that you use from your moving company
  • distance to your new home (the higher the distance, the bigger the costs. For example, interstate movers in Raleigh NC will cost you more than local ones. It goes for every single city in Carolina)
  • the use of moving insurance
man using a calculator while using moving estimate terms
Estimation is a vital element of making a moving budget

How can your moving estimate change once the moving day comes?

This is the most common misconception that people have about moving estimate terms when relocating. They think that the number you get is the final price of your move. In reality, this is not often the case. Once you get your moving estimate from your movers, you need to know that the final number can change. Even though it is not by much, it is still a fact that you need to accept. Of course, you should always ask your movers whether the number will change or not.

What are the three main types of moving estimates?

Most people do not know that there is not only one moving estimate. When talking about moving quote terms, we have to elaborate on this even further. The key thing that you have to remember here is that there are three main kinds of moving estimates. Each one of those is different with both pros and cons. It is vital that you understand them all before you finalize the arrangements with your movers.

Non-binding moving estimate

Even though people get non-binding moving estimates, they still think that the price is final. First, you need to understand how moving officials determine the price. They will consider the weight of your items. This is the most important thing here. The more items you have, the higher cost you will have to pay. But, why the price can change once the moving day comes? This is all because the final weight of your items can change. Even though it should not be anything drastic, it is still something that you should consider. The price of moving services in Raleigh that you use will most likely increase and you should be prepared for something like this.

a weight scale
Among learning all about moving estimate terms, you need to know that the heavier the load, the higher the price

Binding moving estimate

Another moving quote term that we need to talk about is a binding moving estimate. As the name suggests, the binding moving estimates will not make you pay more than you have agreed with your moving company. This is always a good thing if you are using packing services Raleigh NC where your movers will take care of your items and prepare them for the move. If the weight exceeds the previous price, you will not have to pay it.

However, after the day comes dark. There is a downside to this type of moving estimate. If you agree to the price that you have got from the movers and the weight is lower than in the estimate, you will still have to pay for it. That is why it is always better to get multiple moving quotes so that you could know how much other moving companies would charge you. This will make your decision much easier and you will not have to worry whether you are going to pay more than you would want to.

Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate

This is the best kids of moving estimate that you can get from your movers. This moving estimate basically protects you from any bad estimations. This means that the movers will estimate your relocation. However, if the price of your move exceeds the estimated price, you will not have to pay for it. You will pay only what you have agreed on. On the other spectrum, if the price is lower, you will pay the lower price. This is the fairest estimate that you will get from your movers.

People usually worry about this when they are having a commercial relocation due to the number of items that they have to move. However, commercial movers in Raleigh NC have found a way to ensure that you will pay only what you are due. Everything else is not important!

a chain with sunset in the distance
Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate protects you the best

Understand these moving estimate terms and plan your relocation

It is vital that you understand these moving estimate terms so that you could prepare for your move as best as possible. It is vital that you know your moving rights because it is something that protects you from bad decisions. The moving company needs to give you a moving estimate and you need to know everything about it so that you could make the best decision possible. Use this during your next relocation and get the best moving experience possible with the right movers!

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