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Get the best use of a storage unit when moving from Garner to Apex

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Get the best use of a storage unit when moving from Garner to Apex

Deciding to relocate to Apex from Garner means you will probably have boxes lying around your house as the moving date approaches. One of the ways of avoiding this scenario is to rent a storage unit. Self-storage has proven to be useful not only for things you have no room for in your home but also when you’re moving. However, there are certain tips and tricks on how you can get maximum usage out of your storage unit when renting from moving and storage Raleigh NC offers. To avoid paying for a larger unit than you really need, we are sharing how to get the best use of a storage unit when moving from Garner to Apex.

woman with moving boxes thinking how to get the best use of a storage unit when moving from Garner to Apex
Relocating from Garner to Apex is one of the best decisions you can make.

Why move from Garner to Apex in the first place?

Before going into the best ways of using your storage space, you might be wondering should you even move to Apex? We say yes! This North Carolina city has gotten the nickname “peak of good living” for a reason. Both Garner and Apex are considered to be some of the best places to live in North Carolina. However, they have some slight differences. Garner has around 27,000 residents, while Apex is home to around 44,000 people. It’s slightly bigger but still has the small-town charm many people love. Don’t wait too long to search for moving companies Garner NC offers. The biggest difference between these two cities is the average income and unemployment rates. The average income in Apex is 65% higher than the income in Garner, and about 43% above the national average. Not too bad if you’re planning on moving for work. The unemployment rate in Apex is 2,8% while in Garner it’s 4%.

Here’s how to get the best use of a storage unit when moving from Garner to Apex

Renting a storage unit when you plan your Garner to Apex relocation is going to make your life much easier. But maximizing the use of the space you have available in storage Raleigh NC offers is crucial. Here are some tips:

  • pack non-essentials early and put them in your storage unit until your Garner to Apex relocation
  • get a storage unit just the right size
  • use the space you have in your storage unit wisely
  • label your boxes properly before putting them in storage

Pack non-essential items early and move them to your storage unit

The best thing you can do to avoid moving-related stress (apart from hiring a moving crew) is to start packing early. You can pack the items you don’t use on a daily basis well ahead of time and put them in your storage unit. That way, when the moving day comes, your boxes will be ready to go straight into the moving truck. Some moving companies Apex NC has at disposal will even go to your storage unit and load the truck as a part of their moving service. Start with packing things like seasonal clothes and shoes, holiday decorations, or any other items you rarely use. You will free up space in your home and get half of your packing done before moving day even approaches.

folded clothes
Pack your seasonal clothes and put them in a storage unit even if your moving date is not soon.

Get a unit just the right size to avoid wasting money

Getting the right size storage unit is key if you’re on a budget. There are some pretty accurate guidelines that can help significantly in determining the size of the unit that might work best for you. But, the most important thing is to remember to use up all the space you have available. Roughly calculate the number of boxes you have and how many larger pieces of furniture you might put in the unit. That will give you an idea of what size unit you need. If you’re still not sure, then it’s best to rent a unit one size larger than the one you’re considering. Although it’s more expensive, it would cost even more to rent two units for the boxes that cannot fit your first storage unit.

Use all the space in your unit

Using up all the space in your storage is essential when you’re moving to Apex. People tend to put their boxes on the storage unit floor. What many forget is that there is plenty of space to stack their boxes vertically. The important thing to remember when you’re stacking your boxes is to put the heaviest ones on the bottom. The lighter boxes should go on top. In fact, the lighter the box the higher you should put it. Also, a good rule of thumb is to limit the weight of each box to 30 pounds max. If the boxes are too heavy the bottom might rupture and the contents can fall out. If there’s anything fragile, chances are it will break.

stacked boxes
Stacking your boxes is one of the sure ways to get the best use of a storage unit when moving from Garner to Apex.

To get the best use of a storage unit when moving from Garner to Apex, label your boxes properly

Last but not least important tip is to label your boxes. Even if you stack your boxes neatly and get the perfect size storage unit, it will all be in vain if your boxes aren’t labeled. Whether you want to color-code, write out the contents of the box on the side, or make a numeric system, the effect is the same. You will have no difficulties in finding whatever you need before or after your relocation to Apex if you do this. It’s also important to label your boxes so that both you and your movers know if there’s something breakable inside. That way you’ll know which boxes you need a more gentle hand with. To get the best use of a storage unit when moving from Garner to Apex, you want to take care of your most fragile belongings. That’s why labeling the boxes is key!


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