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Guide for preparing your items for storage

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Guide for preparing your items for storage

Whether you’re moving and looking for temporary storage, or a long-term solution for your excess belongings, you need to prepare and get the most benefit out of your storage services. Besides providing you with adequate storage services befitting your specific needs, Next Stop Movers Raleigh will provide you with a brief but comprehensive guide for preparing your items for storage. Hence, take note, and ensure your positive user experience. So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Steps for preparing your items for storage

Getting your belongings ready for storage may seem like a task requiring a lot of effort. But, if you divide it into smaller steps, you will tackle it with ease. Before you put your items in storage Raleigh NC, make a point to ask your provider about the rules and regulations. There are certain items that you can’t leave in safekeeping. These include, but aren’t limited to flammable substances, perishable food, and plants. This should be your first step in the preparation process.

Besides, this is how to prepare your possessions for storage:

  • Purge through your belongings
  • Have an inventory list
  • Preparing your items for storage with pro assistance
  • Disassemble large pieces
  • Protect your items from the elements
  • Load the unit with a system in place
A woman preparing her things
Preparing your items for storage will be a breeze if you tackle the task step by step

Thoughtfully select the items you intend to keep in storage

You may have a mountain of excess items that clutter your home, and you just need to put them off your way. But it could well be that you’re moving, and you need to simplify the process with an adequate place for safekeeping. Either way, you need to go through your inventory and decide what items should go in the storage unit. If it’s something that you need to use on daily basis, of course, you shouldn’t deposit it. Besides, think about the expenses. The more items you store, the bigger unit you’ll need. And the bigger the unit, the more you’ll pay. Hence, if storage is your way to getting rid of junk you don’t actually need around, perhaps you’ll benefit more if you sell or donate it, instead of putting it in storage.

Make an inventory list while preparing your items for storage

When readying your things for storage, it’s clever to make a list of what exactly goes in the unit. If you approach the task in an organized manner, you will avoid dealing with lost or misplaced items later on. For instance, moving can be hectic, and with a myriad of things to think about, you may easily lose track of what is where. Hence, rely on your residential movers Raleigh to carry out the move itself, but take things into your own hands and make an inventory of items you intend to store.

Hands writing a list
Make an inventory list to keep track of your possessions in storage

Benefit from pro assistance when organizing your items for storage

One thing is for sure – you’ll need to ensure your items are properly packed before placing them in storage. This means that you’ll need to gather quality packing material, as this is the only way to ensure your possessions will remain undamaged.

Besides, pay attention to how you’re wrapping and packing them. If all this sounds like an onerous task, it’s because it can be. However, you can opt for pro packing services Raleigh and make it easy for yourself. When it comes to preparing your belongings for safekeeping, this has a double benefit. First, you save lots of time and energy. And then, you can enjoy your peace of mind as you wouldn’t have to worry about the proper protection of your items. The team of expert packers will provide all the packing supplies necessary. Moreover, they master the proper packing techniques necessary for the proper storage preparation of your items.

Handle each of your items the right way

Fixing up your belongings for safekeeping may require you some level of handy work. You can talk to your mover and ask them for assistance. This may refer to disassembling large pieces of furniture, for instance. This is to ensure that your pieces will be properly protected from potential damages. Besides, you’ll be able to save up some space.

Hands disassembling a piece of furniture
Consider disassembling large pieces to protect them from damages and save up some space

Choose the right type of storage

Regardless of how long you intend to use a storage unit, you need to take all the precautions to ensure your belongings are well-protected. It’s best to choose a climate-controlled storage unit, as these are most effective to ensure that no mold or mildew will grow on your items. Also, while preparing your storage inventory, consider that cardboard and paper absorb moisture that it’s a breeding ground for fungus. Thus, make a point to nail the packing part, and better yet, let pro packers do it right on your behalf.

Place your items in storage systematically

You’ll get the most benefit out of renting a storage unit if you put the thought into organizing it systematically. Once you have your belongings prepared and ready to be loaded in the unit, consider what needs to go where. For example, place large items that you rarely use at the very back and at the bottom of the unit. On the other hand, stuff that you need more frequently needs to go in an easy-to-reach place, or towards the front door. Besides, consider how to keep your items properly protected from getting damaged due to pressure on top, or potential scratches.

Final thoughts on preparing your items for storage

With our guide, you’ll be sure to have your items ready for storage in a breeze. It’s important to think strategically and prioritize the safety and proper protection of your valuables. In summary, pay attention to the quality of packing materials and the right packing method for the best outcome. Moreover, take some pro help, and you’ll be able to tackle the task of preparing your items for storage in the best possible way.


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