Guide to packing a storage unit like a professional

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Guide to packing a storage unit like a professional

Storage units can be really useful. You can use them when downsizing, renovating, moving, and so much more. But to be able to use it properly, you need to learn how you should be packing a storage unit like a professional. Only this way you can enjoy the maximum benefits that a storage unit can offer. All of the moving companies in North Carolina can help you transfer your belongings, but you should be the one organizing your storage. You will be using it, after all, so you can adjust it to your needs. Keep on reading to find out how to do this like a real pro.

Cardboard box on a bed
Storage units are a good way to get clutter out of the way

What do you need to do before packing a storage unit like a professional?

Before taking your belongings to one of the storage Raleigh NC, you need to prepare the unit for holing your items:

  • Make sure you have the right sized storage unit for the items that you plan to store
  • Check if the storage unit is climate-controlled if you need that
  • Clean everything that is going into storage
  • Disinfect and clean the unit itself
  • Make an inventory of what you are storing

How should you pack your belongings for safe storage?

Packing a storage unit like a professional will help you avoid damage and stress. No matter what you are packing. it needs to be done the right way. All of the packing services Raleigh NC can help you with this if you need assistance.

Packing furniture for storage

Since furniture is heavy and bulky, it is the main thing that people decide to put into storage. One of the moving companies Garner NC can also help you move it since it is quite difficult to be done by yourself. The main rule is to don’t pack furniture into plastic materials since it will certainly lead to mildew. Instead, use old sheets to drape over them. This will keep the dust away while in storage.

How to pack electronics

The main rule with electronics is to pack them into their original package. Electronics are also one of the items that needs to be put in climate controlled units. Wrap the boxes into packing paper to protect it if any damage occurs to the box.

Preparing clothes for storage

Clothes should be stored in plastic boxes to keep away dust, moisture, and mildew. Cedar balls should also be added to prevent the appearance of moths and bad odors.

Folded stripped sweater on a white surface
Clothes tend to get moths, so use cedar balls

Step to organizing and packing a storage unit like a professional

  1. Organize by priority – items that you know you will be using regularly should be packed in front, for easier access. At the same time, if there is something you know you won’t be using, put it in the back.
  2. Use descriptive labels – labels are so underrated. But they can help you so much in finding something inside a storage unit. Use specific labels instead of general terms like “kitchen” or “bedroom”.
  3. Create a map – if you want to be able to find things fast, make a storage unit map. Use a piece of paper to assign a position to every box you have. And don’t forget to leave a pathway to be able to get to the items that are in the back.

Packing a storage unit like a professional – bottom line

Packing a storage unit like a professional is not difficult at all, and it can make your life so much easier. All the small things listed above will help you find your things faster. No one wants to lose time searching for items in a crowded storage unit. We wish you success and happy organizing!


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