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Helping Your Elderly Parents Move from Durham to Cary

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Helping Your Elderly Parents Move from Durham to Cary

Relocation on your own is a pretty easy job compared to other relocations you may have. Moving your elderly parents is a much harder task because you have other 0people to think about. However, helping your elderly parents move from Durham to Cary does not have to be impossible. Naturally, you will need a lot of patience. The good thing is that you can find good moving companies Raleigh NC to help you out and it will definitely make everything much easier. But, that is not everything you should do. Here are some of the most important things that you need to do when helping your parents relocate to Cary from Durham!

Understand the difficulty of the move

The first thing that you should learn about is distance. The great thing for you and your parents is that the distance between Durham and Cary is around 19 miles. It is a great thing because it is much easier to handle a move like this than to have to travel 60+ miles. Local relocations are even easier to handle if you have the right movers Durham NC. They will basically take care of all the hard parts of your move. Also, you do not need the same kind of experience to move locally that to move long distance. So, be happy that this is the case in your situation and love the fact that moving should be much harder than moving long distances.

Do not overpush

We all know that parents know best, right? Well, that may be the choice when we are smaller and we depend on them. But, things change. They become to think more conservatively while thinking that old ways are the best ways to handle things. Well, even if you are sure that you have a better solution than them, you should not overpush your boundaries. It can only lead to conflict and that is not always pleasant. Just remember when you had to listen to them talk to you about the smallest things when you were younger. So, if you have an idea that is better than theirs, make sure to talk to them calmly and with respect. Explain your points and let them decide. After all, it is their move and they have the final say.

a woman talking to her parents
Exchanging information is crucial

Starting small is the key to preparing for the move of your elderly parents to Cary from Durham

Even though elderly people are often much more responsible and they know that the key to every successful move is time, there are some potential problems. For example, they have a higher chance that they will forget something important. So, it is vital to start small and handle all the easier tasks on time so that you could change to the more difficult ones.

Help them prepare the checklist for the move

They have probably lived in Durham for quite some time. It is not easy for them to relocate just like that. So, they can feel overwhelmed by everything that they have to do in order to move. You should help them make the list you are all going to follow. It should include:

  • help them find the right new home in Cary
  • check every Cary NC moving company before making the final call
  • organize the transportation to the new home
  • make sure they have all the necessary documents for the move
a book to write a checklist about helping your elderly parents move from Durham to Cary
Everything is easier when you have written on the paper

Finding the right movers is the key to helping your elderly parents move from Durham to Cary

Even though we have said that local moves are much easier to prepare and execute, it is always a good thing to find the right movers to help you out. However, you may need some time to find the people you know will suit your needs in the best way possible. Even though moving locally, make sure the people you want to move you are not amateurs. You want professionals with enough moving experience on their backs.

After you find them, you need to see which moving services Raleigh you want to use. Even though your parents may not want movers to do too much, you should talk to them about it. It is a much safer thing to let your movers take care of every aspect of the move, especially packing. Your parents probably have tons of sentimental and valuable items that they would like to preserve. Tell them that full-service movers are a much better choice when taking care of an elderly relocation.

a man holding a box
Let professionals do the harder part

Cary NC is a great place where your elderly parents will feel welcomed

The great thing about the town of Cary is that your parents should not have too many problems adapting. What we mean is that people are friendly and more and more elderly people are moving here every year. This is a clean place, which your parents already know since they want to move here, so the price is going to be 5% higher than the national average.

However, this should be a limitation because you are getting a lot of great things along with Cary. Nice weather all year long, a high safety rating, and plenty of outdoor activities in and outside of Cary are certainly something your parents are going to love. All in all, the town of Cary is a great place for older people. Your parents will find the peace they are looking for and you are going to be very close to them, even though in a different place!


It is not always easy helping your elderly parents move from Durham to Cary. This is not all about the practical aspects of the move. The biggest obstacles are the parents themselves. People tend to have a shorter fuse as the years go by so you should have this in mind. Besides helping them, you should also think about yourself. You should not think that you know everything. Talk about everything and respect every decision they make, even though you do not agree with it. If you do it like this, then their transition should not be too hard on both of you!

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