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How to dispose of bulky items in Apex?

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How to dispose of bulky items in Apex?

When clearing your home or planning a relocation, there will be some items that you need to dispose of. Junk removal of smaller goods is easy to organize. But what about bulky items? Next Stop Movers NC offers convenient bulky items removal from your home. There are plenty of disposal rules for items such as mattresses, appliances, and furniture that no longer fit into your home. Read this guide and discover ways to dispose of bulky items in Apex.

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Check what you can do with your bulky items

What is the definition of bulky items?

Bulky waste or items are all those goods that you wish to dispose of but cannot fit into your waste bin. It covers ‘clear bulky junk’ such as furniture and carpets. appliances, or bicycles. In addition, before booking local movers in Apex NC, you need to know that there is ‘dirty bulky junk’. This includes home improvement waste such as broken tiles, windows, old flooring, garden junk, etc.

Ways to dispose of bulky items in Apex

There are several ways how you can get rid of the bulky waste from your home in Apex. Depending on the type of waste you have, you can choose the following services:

  • Retailer take-back: includes removal of your old furniture, kitchen, or appliances
  • House clearance: hiring a house clearance company
  • Hire a skip
  • Council collection: hiring a waste collection by your council
  • Garbage / Recycling: a waste collection for recycling
  • Hiring junk removal services: This way, you won’t think about what to do with items you don’t need anymore.

Retailer removal of your bulky disposal

Many retail companies in Apex offer a service to collect bulky items you no longer need in exchange for delivering new items to you. If you are moving and plan to hire packing services, your movers can pack the items for disposal to save you time. In case you need to remove a sofa, washing machine, or garden fence, a retail company can do this for you.

House clearance

When you need to dispose of bulky items in Apex, you can hire a house clearance company. These companies are usually dealers of second-hand furniture. This is one of the most convenient options when you need to hire long distance movers in Apex and move long-distance. This company will collect your belongings and resell them further. In addition, this is among the cheapest options for junk removal.

Hire a skip to dispose of bulky items in Apex

This type of bulky waste removal is convenient when you need to remove dirty junk from your home. In this case, you will receive a container with the upfront price that you can fill in with waste. You can remove messy waste like soil, rubble, bricks, etc. However, you’ll need help to load the junk into a container. In that case, consider hiring movers in Apex NC to help you with heavy lifting.

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You can book a junk removal service to dispose of bulky items in Apex

Council collection

In Apex, this is also known as Yard Waste. This waste collection usually takes place during the week and is cheaper than hiring retailer removal. The Town of Apex Public Works Department provides weekly residential curbside yard waste collection. In this case, you will need to book a collection two weeks in advance. And if you don’t have time to wait for two weeks, you can always rely on moving companies and their junk removal services.

All in all, there are several ways to dispose of bulky items in Apex. Check what items you plan to dispose of and book a service that will suit your needs for the safe disposal of your bulky items.


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