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How to Help Your Elderly Parents Move From Durham to Holly Springs

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How to Help Your Elderly Parents Move From Durham to Holly Springs

Moving an aging parent can be difficult on both an emotional and physical level, as it involves leaving a house rich with memories and losing a sense of independence. Hire expert Next Stop Movers Raleigh and consider the following advice to help your elderly parents move from Durham to Holly Springs.

Make plans using a blueprint of the new home

Ensure to get a copy of the home’s blueprint before moving. With your assistance, a more precise floor layout can be made. Measure all furniture in advance to determine what will fit where. Make a list of everything they’ll need by going into each area and recording what you find. After that, you ought to know better what to leave at home when traveling.

house floor plan
Help your elderly parents move from Durham to Holly Springs by using a detailed house plan

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need

The possibility is great that there will be an extensive list of extra possessions to get rid of, especially if your parent is downsizing. I advise getting in touch with nearby charities like Goodwill or a Habitat for Humanity ReStore if you’re looking for gently used products that are still in good condition. These groups provide pick-up services and would be pleased to remove your spare couches, chairs, and other household goods.

Call junk removal service

A fresh start and less clutter await you when you move into a new home! Call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to arrange an at-home pick-up so that you don’t clutter your loved one’s new house with broken electronics, chipped dishes, and other unnecessary stuff. Almost anything you want to throw away can be accepted by their rubbish removal service, which will dispose of it properly.

Rent a storage unit

Maybe your loved one isn’t quite ready to give up some things. Or they intend to transmit them to subsequent generations. Whatever the cause, you might need to hire a storage facility to house the remains of their possessions. Storage facilities offer a safe, practical, and simple-to-access choice for individuals who also need a temporary place to store belongings while relocating.

storage units
Store away everything your elderly loved ones don’t want to get rid of

Make a detailed plan of every step of the move

You should have a plan for the entire procedure when it comes to the actual transfer. Set out times on a calendar to make certain decisions, starting with choosing a location. This applies from the time you’ll start packing until the day you intend to move to a new location. Once you’ve decided about their new residence, you may begin planning how your loved ones’ new home will look.

Involve the whole family to help your elderly parents move from Durham to Holly Springs

To show your loved ones that everyone is concerned about them, it’s a good idea to involve as much of your family in the move as possible. If not enough family members are accessible on the actual moving day to assist, acquire help from packing services Raleigh NC. In this manner, family members are not solely responsible for the load.

Hire professional movers

Make sure you employ expert movers Holly Springs NC to aid with the load while you’re getting ready to help your elderly parents move from Durham to Holly Springs. Employing competent movers will not only make moving a lifetime’s worth of possessions easier, but it will also ensure that those possessions arrive at their new residence without incident.

Make travel arrangements in advance

There are many travel logistics to take into account while moving an older family member. How you move your loved one will also be strongly influenced by their health and any mobility problems. Call in advance to arrange a wheelchair, and any other special amenities are advised for individuals traveling by plane. If you’re driving, make sure it’s simple to get to your car. According to AARP, sedans, crossover SUVs, and minivans are the best vehicles for transporting an older person.

Find a new doctor

When relocating an aging family member, healthcare should come first. You must assist the senior in finding a new doctor as soon as feasible if they are relocating to a new city or state. I suggest making an appointment with a doctor in the new city by contacting them a few months before the relocation. Be careful to inform your loved one’s existing physician about the change as well. Medications refills should also be transferred to a pharmacy close to their new residence.

Final words

Moving an elderly family member to a new house across the country can be difficult. Many situations call for a senior parent to be relocated from their current residence. Their adult children will want to make sure the process goes smoothly. Our advice will undoubtedly be useful when you need to help your elderly parents move. Happy moving with movers Durham NC!



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