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How to Help Your Parents Move from Cary to Wake Forest

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How to Help Your Parents Move from Cary to Wake Forest

Your parents moving from your family home must be very emotional for all of you. Many elderly people decide to relocate after their retirement and move to their dream destination, or to a smaller house. If that’s the case with your parents too, and they decided to move to Wake Forest, you’ll want to help make the relocation process as easy as possible for them. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure they have a seamless move. Hiring reliable North Carolina movers to do all the hard work should be the first thing on your list of moving tasks. Take a look at some more tips on how to help your parents move from Cary to Wake Forest with ease.

Help your parents move from Cary to Wake Forest

Helping your elderly parents move to Wake Forest is slightly more complicated than moving yourself. They’ve probably built their life and family in their current home and moving to a new one will be hard for them for sure. However, you can do the following to make sure they enjoy their relocation from Cary to Wake Forest:

  • book professional movers
  • help them downsize
  • organize a yard sale
  • find good storage options in Wake Forest
woman with her mother happy because she knows how to help your parents move from Cary to Wake Forest
Help your parents move from Cary to Wake Forest, it will be the best decision they’ve ever made.

Arrange professional moving services for their relocation

The first and most important thing when helping your elderly parents move is to hire moving help. Having dependable Cary NC movers by their side will make relocating from Cary to Wake Forest much easier. If you want a smooth, stress-free move, then finding a good moving company is essential. Movers can take care of your entire relocation, from start to finish, or they can only do some parts that you or your parents can’t handle. For example, you can only hire them to load the moving truck, move the household and unload the belongings at your parents’ new house. Or you can get full moving services and the movers will provide a detailed relocation plan, pack your parents’ belongings and take care of everything moving-related. Whichever option your parents choose, make sure you find good, reputable movers.

Help them with downsizing

It’s possible that after retirement your parents will want to move to a smaller home. As they get older, people tend to find household maintenance more and more challenging. A smaller house for just the two of them will probably be the ideal choice for your parents as well. However, their entire life is probably in their current home. Having all sorts of knick-knacks with sentimental value might mean that you will have to help them decide what to let go of before the movers Wake Forest NC has arrive. Sort through the belongings with your parents, and help them choose what to keep. The things that are in good condition can be donated or sold. In case there are a lot of items to throw away, you can call a junk removal company to take care of them.

elderly couple by the sea
Moving to Wake Forest lightly is a smart choice.

Organize a yard sale for them

When downsizing, there’s a high chance that not all of your parents’ belongings will fit into their new home. Or maybe they want to move as light as possible to reduce the moving costs. You can help them organize a yard sale and earn some extra cash for their relocation. Surely there are some furniture pieces they are ready to replace with new ones in their new home. They could also have some tools they don’t or won’t use anymore, that a neighbor would be glad to buy. A yard sale is the easiest and most convenient way to get rid of many household items that your parents’ have no use for. And the fewer belongings they have, the faster and more affordable their relocation to Wake Forest will be.

Find reliable storage facilities in Wake Forest for them

Even with a thorough sort through the home and donating and selling many items, there’s still a chance that your parents will have too much stuff and that not everything will fit into their new home. To prevent a cluttered living space, help them find good storage Raleigh NC has at its disposal. Renting a storage unit can be the ideal solution for elderly people downsizing after retirement. They will still be able to keep their precious possessions but avoid the mess and clutter in their new home. Depending on the type of items they have, they might need climate-controlled storage, so make sure to go through their belongings with them. If there are any vintage, fragile objects or items made of leather, silk, or similar delicate materials, then a storage unit with temperature control will be the best choice.

Why move from Cary to Wake Forest?

Moving from Cary to Wake Forest is the ideal choice after retirement. Both Cary and Wake Forest are considered top destinations to live in, and some of the very best in the country, too. However, Cary is slightly more expensive with the cost of living 11% above the US average. Housing prices are also higher in Cary, which is only logical considering that it’s a bigger and more populated city than Wake Forest.

a large garden with trees
Wake Forest is home to picturesque gardens and extraordinary parks.

Wake Forest is a charming Raleigh suburb, ranked as one of the top 10 places to live in North Carolina. What makes it so great is the affordability, proximity to Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, as well as the quality of life it offers to its residents. The city is exceptionally safe with crime rates almost 50% lower than the national average. Your parents will never be bored here either. There are plenty of amenities and options for active senior citizens. They can hike or go to the beach with just a short drive. Or, if they aren’t up for driving anywhere, they can enjoy beautiful Wake Forest parks. Help your parents move from Cary to Wake Forest, they won’t regret it. Your parents will enjoy getting away from the city rush and immersing in the peacefulness that this charming place provides.


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