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How to move your piano from Fuquay Varina to Chapel Hill

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How to move your piano from Fuquay Varina to Chapel Hill

When relocating home, sometimes we have extremely hard-to-handle items in our possession. One of those items is a piano. Not only that it is robust and heavy, but it is extremely expensive and, in some cases, old, unique, and an antique piece.  When you combine all those features, you get a really nasty piece of furniture to relocate. So, to make it all easier for you, we will show you how to prepare for this endeavor, and how to find moving companies Fuquay Varina NC that will help you out. Let us move your piano from Fuquay Varina to Chapel Hill. Let’s go!

The safety of your moving plan

If you want to have a safe moving project, you must organize it properly. Before you even contact your piano movers Raleigh NC, you must evaluate the whole situation and figure out how hard it will be to relocate your home. Start with creating the inventory list. Remember, your piano is not the only piece of furniture you have in your home. You must tend to other household items as well. Therefore, note everything down and pay close attention to those items that might create problems when taking them out. Your piano definitely might. Also, you’ll need a moving checklist with all moving-related responsibilities. Those are the following:

  • Legalities.
  • Moving services.
  • Info about movers.
  • Packing plan.
  • Budget.
  • Chores, errands, and tasks you must complete before moving day.
create a list of moving tasks before you move your piano from Fuquay Varina to Chapel Hill
Assemble a checklist with all moving-related tasks. Cover everything so you can approach piano moving without too much stress.

If you inspect everything like a pro you will have a better insight into the complexity of the relocation. You will know how many packing materials you need, how many working hours to invest in, and how much it will cost. Also, you will prepare better and provide more accurate information to your movers. With your info, they will assemble a better plan and take care of your piano accordingly. Therefore, move your piano from Fuquay Varina to Chapel Hill with a steady plan in your hands. Half of the preparation process is with you.

Move your piano from Fuquay Varina to Chapel Hill with a reliable moving company by your side

As you already know, the piano is extremely expensive. Therefore, the importance of having a reliable moving company is even greater. To find a good piano moving team, you must search online. As soon as you begin browsing, you will find hundreds of viable candidates. But to narrow your search down, you must read reviews, compare services, and prices. Focus on piano moving if that is your main concern of course. Also, you want to check if they are licensed and if they have all the tools to perform this job. And to confirm their legitimacy, you can check if they are registered online on FMCSA or the Better Business Bureau. You can read a few social media comments as well to obtain valuable info on how your movers treat their customers. Once you obtain enough info, call your movers, and communicate further.

To speed up your search and spare you the trouble we must recommend Next Stop Movers Raleigh as the best local moving company. They have a marvelous piano moving team and all tools required to relocate it safely. Give them a call and you’ll be most satisfied with the unique approach, services, and prices they offer.

The tools and equipment required to move a piano safely

You can’t and shouldn’t move a piano by yourself. Also, there is a specific set of tools required to move such an item. You need straps and dollies designed for such items that can’t be disassembled. And you’ll need at least two or more workers two move your piano. For a grand piano, maybe even four laborers. Therefore, we again must stress out the importance of finding a reliable moving company. You must check out if they have a specialized piano moving crew, all the tools required, licenses, and all safety protocols in place. Move your piano from Fuquay Varina to Chapel Hill with all moving services Raleigh necessary. Set your mind at ease and rest assured that your piano will be transported without damages.

basic home tools
The basic home tools will be enough to handle most of the furniture disassembling. But do not use them on your piano.

Clean and prepare it before you can move your piano from Fuquay Varina to Chapel Hill

As you know, you should prepare your piano for the road ahead. Some people prefer to clean it before and after the move, other clean it only after they relocate. You will choose what is best for you. So, as we know that you already know how to service and maintain your piano, you will close the lid and close the laches first. It will protect the keys from damages while in transport. Then, clean your piano with alcohol or home-friendly chemicals. Use the easy ones to avoid damaging the furnishing. But you probably have the full set already. After you clean your piano, wrap it on bubble wrap or stretching foil and again, use the eco-friendly material that won’t damage your piano. Once wrapped, your piano is ready to go.

You must purchase a moving insurance

You must have moving insurance for all relocations. Let alone when moving expensive items such as a piano. So, ask your movers which kind of insurance they offer. If you are not satisfied with the answer, then seek proper coverage with the insurance company. Just make sure to have something with you. If you skip this part, you won’t be able to make claims against movers in case of any damages. And we are not talking about a few bucks here, but maybe hundreds or even thousands if your piano is damaged. Therefore, purchase the insurance and be protected.

an old piano
If you have an old piano you’ll surely need moving insurance.

Get ready to hit the road

Everything is ready and you are good to go. All that is left is to supervise the process and make sure your movers do not make any mistakes. Yes, they will work their magic and they know what they are doing. But an extra pair of eyes won’t hurt. So, be there to spot the dead angles and corners but at the same the move out of their way. They will lift the piano onto the four-wheel dolly and roll it out of the house straight into the moving truck. They have done it a thousand times so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

You are ready to move your piano from Fuquay Varina to Chapel Hill. It is not so hard as it seems and you are surely up to the task now when you have all the mandatory information. Hopefully, you’ll find the right moving company and there will be no bumps on the road. Good luck and have a safe journey.


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