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How to Organize Your Storage Unit To Maximize Space

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How to Organize Your Storage Unit To Maximize Space

Whether you live in a tiny apartment in the heart of a bustling city or a family home in the middle of a suburban area, you will need to store your extra belongings in a self-storage unit with moving and storage Raleigh NC at some point in your life. Your self-storage unit does not have to be a jumble of garbage bags, old boxes, furniture, and junk. You should consider your storage unit to be an extension of your home. Several hacks can be used to organize your storage unit to maximize space.

Fill up air space and organize your storage unit to maximize space

Just as you would fill up the moving truck when hiring moving services Raleigh, you should also do it with your storage unit. You’ll discover unused nooks and crannies within your storage unit as you load in your boxes and items that don’t fit into boxes. Load these spaces with small leftovers in the same way you would any dresser, desk, or chair to maximize space.

person using their laptop
To properly organize your storage unit to maximize space, upload the photos of your possessions and make an online catalog

Use boxes rather than bags

Garbage bags can easily tear or trap moisture, allowing mildew to grow. They also give the appearance of an unruly garage to your storage unit. Instead, use uniformly sized boxes and bins to simplify stacking and keep the storage unit looking clean and organized. A clean storage unit is easier to access, making visiting the storage facility less of a chore.

Leave an aisle

What use is a climate controlled storage Raleigh NC if you can’t get to the items you store in it when you need them? Before you begin putting boxes in a storage unit, drawing a floor plan is a good idea. Allow just enough space to take out a box and sift through its contents.

Selecting the best self-storage provider will help you organize your storage unit to maximize space

The number of storage options available to you is influenced by your self-storage provider. Certain providers offer a wide range of storage unit sizes, while others only a few. Some have climate control, while others do not. Your storage provider will then dictate the terms of your rental. Some providers offer month-to-month leasing, whereas others may require you to commit for six months or a year in advance. If you anticipate that your storage needs will change, it is best to use a provider that offers month-to-month leasing with no long-term contracts.

Everything possible should be vacuum sealed

Fabric items, such as comforters, sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, clothing, and winter coats, can be vacuum-sealed. You’ll be surprised at how much they shrink! You can then pack them away in boxes much more efficiently and hire furniture movers Raleigh NC to relocate them to your storage unit.

a girl sealing a vacuum bag
Use a vacuum bag for everything that can be sealed

Hang items from the ceiling

Consider making use of your space’s height to organize your storage unit to maximize space properly. For oddly shaped items, bikes, and outdoor equipment, use S-hooks and bungee cords. You’ll want to ensure you can hang items while still getting inside the unit and accessing items underneath.

Keep a photo catalog of your possessions on a free blog

You can enjoy the benefits of the cloud by making a photo catalog of your stuff using a free blogging or website platform like WordPress, Blogger, or Weebly. You can take inventory of a box’s contents with a camera and a free blog before loading it to your storage unit. Remember to add something to storage every time, and you’ll have a free, virtual catalog of your possessions.

Separate the interior into seasons

If you’re storing seasonal items like clothing and decorations, divide the layout into four equal sections, one for each season. The back half of your unit could be used for fall and winter, with either season on each side, and the front half for spring and summer.

In conclusion

Once you organize your storage unit to maximize space, take the time to map out the location of each item and keep an inventory of what’s in the unit. You’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for. Local movers Raleigh NC can make your storage unit rental experience even more accessible.

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