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How to pack and store your book collection

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How to pack and store your book collection

Moving is such an exciting event in your life. Whether you’ve moved before or not, every relocation is unique. There are so many elements to it that it can be overwhelming. You should know right away that you can and should ask for professional help. And the best thing you can do is to find the one in your area or the area you are moving to. If you are about to move to NC, search for moving companies in North Carolina and you will find the perfect match for yourself. They will answer all your questions, even tri tricky ones, like how to pack and store your book collection.

Choosing the right moving company

The advice here is to take some time for research. Ask around if you have any friends that moved lately. Their recommendation will be valuable for you. If that is not the case, search the internet. Look for a company that is located where you are or want to live next. That way, you’ll be sure they are familiar with the area and they have experience with all specifics that neighborhoods have. For example, if you are about to move to Garner, find some moving companies Garner NC based.

man couple love - pack and store your book collection
Hire a moving company to help you pack and store your book collection.


Once you’ve found your perfect partner in moving, you should start thinking about other tasks that are waiting for you. You can find it helpful to write down a list of things that have to be done. At the top of the list, you will probably put packing. If you want to pack by yourself, you should get some packing material. But if you have some items you don’t know what to do with, like to pack and store your book collection, you can ask your movers to do it for you. In that case, you will look for some packing services Raleigh NC, if that is a place where you are moving to. You should have in mind that these services would be charged extra.

How to pack and store your book collection

When you go to an appointment with your movers, you should give them as many pieces of information about the move as you can. Every relocation is specific, so don’t skip to mention that you don’t know how to pack and store your book collection if that is the case. They will have an answer to that situation. Even more, they will probably offer you a few options to solve this. You should know that one of them will be using storage Raleigh NC. And you can find that this is such a convenient option because you can use it for short time, if you don’t want to move all your things at once, or you could use it for a longer period.

Pack and store your book collection

Let’s talk about packing first. Your books are such a valuable possession, so it is normal that you want to take great care of them. Have in mind that they need air circulation, so you really shouldn’t pack them too tightly. The best idea is to pack your books standing up and to leave some space between each stack. If you are packing them in a box, do your best to weigh every box as evenly as possible. When it comes to using packing materials, you will focus on packing paper, packing peanuts, and some bubble wrap that you will place in between every stack. That way you will keep them just in the right place.

red tape on packing peanuts
You will need some packing materials.

Should you use plastic containers when you pack and store your book collection?

High-quality cardboard boxes are the obvious choice when you start to pack and store your book collection. But are there other options? Should you consider using plastic containers? It turns out that plastic containers can be really great choice for packing your books. And especially if you decided to store them for some time. Plastic will defend your collection from moisture and other things that could damage it. Boxes are a great choice if your books will stay there for a short time. But with time they will become susceptible to humidity, pests, and moisture in the air. So if you decided to store your box, the better option will be to use plastic containers and even better those that are airtight seal kind. That way you’ll be sure that your books are well protected.

What if you have some extra valuable pieces of books?

Of course that all your books are valuable for you, but even among them you can have some pieces that are extra special. They can be really old, inherited, it could be first editions or signed by the author. And for them, you would love to have some special care. There is a solution for that. When you arrange to rent a storage space, do not forget to ask for climate-controlled storage units. They are made just for the items like this. You can get the right temperature and humidity that is perfect for the items that will be kept in there. You will pay some more money, but that way you’ll be sure that they will stay in perfect condition. And that is especially important if you want to keep them in storage for a longer time.

Some books will need extra love.

It’s time to pack and store your book collection

We do hope that we gave you enough information so that you know that you can pack and store your book collection without fear. There are some different options, so make sure to take time to know them and then make decisions that suit your situation the best. Some of those are really budget-friendly, for others, you will have to pay some more money. It all depends on the budget you decided to set off for this purpose, but also on what kind of books you possess. The important stuff is also the quantity of your book collection because that is in direct connection with the size of a storage space you will need.


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