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How to properly pack your camping gear?

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How to properly pack your camping gear?

We all know that packing your belongings is one of the most time-consuming tasks when moving. Stress this responsibility induces doubles if you’re a proud owner of camping equipment. This equipment is not only expensive and fragile, but also difficult to pack due to its shape, size, or material. We think that methodical packing is the key to a successful move. Therefore, we’ve prepared a list of advice that will help you learn how to properly pack your camping gear. Of course, if you find the task too daunting at any time, moving companies in North Carolina are there to help you prep your gear for relocation. Without further ado, here are our tips!

“If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail” as Benjamin Franklin famously said

Moving companies Garner NC  consider this part to be the most important one in the process of packing camping equipment. As you already know, different items will require different treatments. Hence, it’s crucial you devote some time to making a good plan for preparing and packing your camping gear. Furthermore, you will save some valuable time. While writing up your plan, be sure to include a camping gear checklist, as well as a list of all the packing equipment you are going to need. Read on, to learn more about what these lists should consist of.

Two yellow tents an a group of people camping in the middle of the forest
Taking good care of your camping equipment will improve the quality of the time you spend outside using it.

Consider making a checklist for starters

You should make a checklist containing all the camping gear you own. While doing this, make note of things that are too old or not essential. Decluttering is an excellent solution for this. And as a result, only relevant things will take place on your checklist. Now you can focus on properly packing your camping gear. Alternatively, consider using packing services Raleigh NC. Here are some of the items to include on your list:

  • tents
  • sleeping bags
  • camp tables and chairs
  • cooking equipment
  • flashlights
  • water filters
  • bug sprays, first aid kit, etc.

Think about the supplies you’ll need to properly pack your camping gear

Indeed, there’s a variety of moving supplies you can choose from. Nonetheless, clear plastic storage boxes are the best choice when it comes to packing camping equipment. They are weather-resistant, durable, and it’s easy to organize items since they are see-through. But they are not the tidiest choice. Get hold of duffle bags for your clothes and personal items. Pack your kitchen gear in bins. Use the service of storage Raleigh NC if you won’t use your camping gear right away. And if you’re moving by yourself, rooftop car carriers are also a good investment.

A grandfather and his grandson drink hot tea in tin mugs sitting in front of their camping tent
Your camping gear will serve you longer and better if you pack and store it properly.

How to properly pack and prepare a tent

It’s very important to treat your tent with care. Your tent acts as your shelter during your camping trip. It takes the greatest impact since either rain, sun, or wind will affect its condition. So, first, you want to turn your tent inside-out. That way, you will shake out all the pebbles or leaves left inside from your last camping trip. Also, we suggest you clean your tent inside and out using a sponge and soap. However, so as not to risk damaging your tent avoid using any aggressive chemicals or brushes. Finally, it is absolutely crucial your tent is completely dry before you pack it.

How to properly pack and prepare a sleeping bag

Here are all the necessary steps for preparing your sleeping bag before packing it. Start with hanging your sleeping bag out to dry. Do remember to keep your sleeping bag away from the sun while airing it. That’s because Sun’s rays can negatively affect the bag’s material. Afterward, once it’s aired out, turn it inside out and ensure there’s nothing left inside. The final step before packing your sleeping bag is to put it into a washing machine and use medium-low heat and a mild detergent. After taking it out of the washing machine, hang it out to dry again.

When properly packing your camping gear, remember your backpack

Similar to other pieces of equipment in the points above, you will want to thoroughly clean your backpack. First, vacuum it. Second, use a mild soap and a sponge to clean the outer side. Camping experts will always advise you against putting your backpack into the washing machine. Instead, if needed you should clean your backpack thoroughly by hand. Much like with the sleeping bag and tent, your backpack should be totally dry before packing it.

A man frying eggs while camping
These tips will ensure your camping gear serves you on many camping trips in the future.

Don’t forget about cooking equipment  when learning how to properly pack your camping gear

There are several rules regarding properly packing and preparing cooking equipment. However, the one you should focus on is that cooking equipment should be totally clean. So, be absolutely sure there’s no cooking residue left on them. Other than that, your cooking items should be put in some sort of protecting packaging to avoid damage during transport.

How to properly pack and prepare your camping clothing

Now we’ve come to the oftentimes demanding task of packing your clothes. Nevertheless, when it comes to camping clothes, you can make them simple. You want to start by organizing your camping wardrobe and getting it ready for usage. This includes emptying the pockets and following the instruction labels and washing them accordingly. Then, hang your clothes out to dry before finally packing them. If you’re using a storage unit, packing your camping clothing in vacuum bags is a good idea.

Ready to embark on this journey?

To sum up, nobody escapes the stress and frustration that come with moving. This is especially true if you own expensive items such as camping gear. However, you can significantly decrease them if you plan ahead. Your chances also improve if you’re not afraid to ask for professional help. Therefore, now that you’ve learned how to properly pack your camping gear take it easy, devote some time to planning your steps and everything will turn out just fine.

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