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How to protect fragile items when moving

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How to protect fragile items when moving

Moving and packing if not planned well can turn into a nightmare. That’s why we as the more reliable moving company in Raleigh NC would like to help you with it. Today we’ll give you some tips on how to pack and how to protect fragile items when moving. Whether it is your glassware, collectible items, or Christmas decor, our tips will help you with the moving process.

Use specific boxes when moving fragile items

Our first tip for protecting fragile items when moving is that you should use smaller boxes or exact boxes that’ll perfectly fit your items. Since we’re a company that offers packing services in Raleigh NC, we’ll tell you that sometimes the original boxes are the best.  You should also never use flimsy or wet boxes, so if your original box is thin better buy one or get one free from the store or somewhere just make sure that it’s a thick cardboard box. If you’re using your suitcases or something similar, make sure that they’re thick and high quality too.

Hands on a moving box
Wrap items tightly in the small box so they don’t move or tumble.

Make sure to secure the boxes correctly

Secure the bottom of the box with the tape; you can use duck tape it’s the strongest one but if you want to save money use any other like scotch tape. No matter how strong your boxes are, the tape and how well you secure them are what will make all the difference. Apartment moving service can include packing and it’ll be much easier and safer if you let the pros do it. Also, did you know that professional movers can pack a whole 3-bedroom apartment in under 3 hours? And they can load or unload a full moving truck in 80 minutes.

Protect fragile items when moving with these tricks

First of all, you should put heavy items first down and don’t put too many items in one box. If the box is with fragile items like glasses use wine boxes (with cartons to separate bottles). These can also be effective for glasses and other things like Christmas decorations, lights, etc. Also, fill all the hollow items with packing papers and wrap each fragile item individually. To be extra safe use packing peanuts, kraft paper, or bubble wrap, they all have their advantages and disadvantage.

Don’t forget to label fragile items and boxes that contain them. Once you arrive at your new place, unpacking is equally important, as you don’t want to risk breaking your most valuable items. Make sure to label them for your movers as well.

Mom and her daughter bubble wrapping items while talking about how to protect fragile items when moving;
Buble wrapping is a good way to protect fragile items when moving.

The conclusion

Our final tip is to pack fragile items last or if they’re precious to you consider taking them with you. Packing fragile items can be easy if you have the right tips and tools to do so. However, if you’re thinking about hiring pros, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. Experienced movers and booking moving services Raleigh will ease your relocation. They can protect fragile items when moving your belongings in no time. You too can have a stress-free packing and moving process.

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