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How to reduce packing waste when moving in Wake Forest?

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How to reduce packing waste when moving in Wake Forest?

Pollution has become a great problem in the past decade. The air, our oceans, and everything around us is polluted, in different ways. At this point, we cannot reverse what has been done, but we can change the future. Many people are joining in on this approach, trying to make their everyday greener. Moving is a change that everyone experiences at least once, and it leaves a lot of waste behind. Reputable moving companies like our North Carolina movers are trying to reduce the footprint their business leaves on the planet, and so should everyone else. These tips on how to reduce packing waste will help you be a greener version of yourself before you make Wake Forest your home.

But first, a few basic facts about Wake Forest

Wake Forest is a town in North Carolina, but since it is only 18 miles from Raleigh, many people recognize it as a suburb of this city. It is home to 46,000 people, and they consider it to be the best place in NC. Its sparse suburban feel, affordable cost of living, and highly-rated schools are what people love about this place. They will always recommend you their best moving company in Wake Forest if you are interested in moving. The numerous parks in the city will make you want to become a greener person, and our tips on how to reduce packing waste will help. You can do this by:

  • Using biodegradable packing materials
  • Not throwing away moving boxes
  • Recycling waste
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Biodegradable packing materials are the green future of packing

Biodegradable packing materials will help you reduce packing waste

These materials might be on the more expensive side, compared to the conventional ones, but it will be worth it. 5 years ago there weren’t so many options available, but now you can find:

  • Biodegradable packing peanuts
  • Corrugated bubble wrap
  • Recycled cardboard boxes

All these alternatives are just as good as conventional packing materials, but they are also kinder to the planet.

Moving Boxes

Cardboard moving boxes are the most massive of all packing materials. You will be left with at least 20 boxes, that you can decide what to do with. If you got them from some local movers Wake Forest NC, some accept them back. You can also donate the boxes, or sell them if they are still in a good state. Cardboard boxes are also a great entertainment option for kids and pets, so that is another way that you can use them.

Recycle what can be recycled

Even though the recycling culture is not mandatory in every state and county, every government is working towards that. In North Carolina, for example, there are a few facilities very close to Wake Forest – Wake County Convenience Center Site 8 and 6, North Wake Multi-Material Recycling Facility, and Wall Recycling Raleigh. This will be all at half an hour’s driving distance once our long distance Wake Forest movers drop you off.

Picture of a green bag next to yellow leaves
You can reduce packing waste by recycling

Final thoughts on how to reduce packing waste

The ultimate way to reduce packing waste is to use less packing materials in general. That doesn’t mean moving your valuables to the town of Wake Forest without protection, but being creative about packing materials. Use what you already have, like thick clothes, to warp your fragile items. This way you will get free packing materials, and fewer items to pack. We wish you good luck and plenty of opportunities to be green!

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