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How to Take Care of Plants When Moving from Cary NC?

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How to Take Care of Plants When Moving from Cary NC?

Moving to a new house or an apartment? Especially if you are packing up a few plants, the process should be precious rather than painful. Keep these pointers from affordable movers Raleigh NC, close at hand to ensure a smooth move and take care of plants when moving from Cary NC.

When to relocate plants

Movers Cary NC advises that perennials should ideally be moved in the early spring and late fall when temperatures are not too warm. The worst times to try moving are during the scorching summer months when the weather is dry. When plants are taken out of the soil during this time, they quickly experience stress. The best time to move trees and bushes is in the winter. However, a transfer in the late spring or summer would be feasible if the season has been exceptionally rainy. Keep plants out of the heat and wind if you must move them during the summer.

Replanting should be done as quickly as possible, and the root ball needs to be maintained wet. It’s a good idea to start preparing the new planting location before you get there so that your plants can be planted as soon as feasible.

It is not quite as important to move quickly if you transfer plants in the fall or winter, but the earlier, the better. To prevent wind damage, think about moving flowers, shrubs, and trees in a closed vehicle like a truck. If you want to go a distance, stop along the way to check the moisture content of the plants.

plants in pots on a wall
Take care of plants when moving from Cary NC, and avoid moving during high temperatures

Checklist for moving your plants

You can follow the advice shown below to keep your plants safe after deciding how you wish to transport them.

A few days before the move, water your plants

Take the advice from the experts offering moving services Raleighon the day of the relocation or the day before, avoid watering your plants. If you do, the plants’ moist soil will make them more difficult to lift. Additionally, they can leak water into the moving vehicle, endangering the other items within.

Preserve the plant nursery pots

Repotting plants to make them fit the style of your new home is exciting. But for the time being, it’s best to hold off on repotting them. If you move about a lot, it will be preferable if you simply maintain your plants in their plastic nursery pots, as this will prevent the plants from crumbling. Additionally, moving the plastic pots won’t be as difficult.

Remove as many roots as possible

Dig up as many roots as you can if your plants don’t have a pot. To safeguard the roots, wrap them in burlap. After that, place them in a pot with adequate room for them and moist soil. For trees and shrubs, the same holds true.

Fill in the pots

Frequently, pots cost more than the actual plant. Before the move, cushion the pots well enough to protect them and the plants within. Put the items in boxes after wrapping them in bubble wrap, paper sleeves, or even plastic tubs. Additionally, you may use household items like dish towels, crumpled paper, grocery bags, and old magazines as plant cushions.

Connect the stems with ties

Pull the stems of your plants gently inward and bind them loosely together. Spreading out your plants will only endanger their branches as they are transported from your doors to the car or moving truck and then to the entrance of your new home.

Cover your plants

To shield your plants from ice damage, frostbite, tearing, or sun damage, use Kraft paper or newspaper. Securely wrap the paper around the plant using tape.

Separate the plants

To take care of plants when moving from Cary NC, efficiently, you should place foam between the pots of your succulents and cacti in a separate box. Other plants could be harmed by these plants’ spikes. The same is true for several types of plants, such as thorny roses. Hire expert furniture movers Cary NC to help you safely pack and place your plants into a moving truck.

person replanting plants
Dig up as many roots as you can and keep your plants separated

Last words on how to take care of plants when moving from Cary NC

Making any significant move is stressful enough, but when you include actual live things like pets and plants, the stress of moving becomes even more difficult to manage. Have you thought about how to care for your plant buddies while moving? If you can’t move your plants all at once, consider placing them into storage Raleigh NC. You may already be planning on how to keep pets content during the move. We’re here to help you take care of plants when moving from Cary NC! Happy relocation!


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