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How to Transport Your Furniture From Cary NC?

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How to Transport Your Furniture From Cary NC?

You might be wondering how to transport your furniture from Cary NC if you’re planning a move with a Cary NC moving company. Transporting big, heavy furniture can be more difficult than carrying tiny, lightweight goods like clothing. Without the right safeguards, wooden objects can be gouged, glass furnishings can break, and upholstery can be torn. To avoid damage to your items before they even arrive at the new location, it is essential to prepare for moving furniture. Here are some helpful hints for moving your furniture out of Cary, North Carolina.

transport your furniture from Cary NC with ease into a blue living room
Prepare your furniture before moving to avoid any damage

Preparing furniture for a move

Having the correct tools and picking up a few tips from furniture movers Cary NC can make the process simpler and safer as you prepare to pack your furniture for a move.

Have the right packing supplies when planning to transport your furniture from Cary NC

Other furniture moving items are available besides cardboard boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap. Many of these materials are offered online or at nearby hardware stores. However, you may also rent these items from affordable movers Raleigh NC, which might be a more cost-effective choice.

Make sure you get these furniture moving supplies on hand if you intend to move heavy furniture:

  • Moving blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sofa and mattress covers
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Furniture pads

Clean the furniture

Take the time to thoroughly clean and dust all your furniture before you start packing. During the moving procedure, dust and other particles may harm your furniture. Additionally, cleaning the furniture before you move ensures that you won’t carry any extra dirt with you to your new residence.

Dismantle the furniture

Make an effort to disassemble your furniture whenever you can totally. This will make it much simpler to transport the furniture, prevent damage from occurring during transit, and simplify filling your moving truck. Plan properly because this is also one of the time-consuming steps in getting your furniture ready for relocation.

Here are some items you might think about taking apart:

  • If at all possible, take all tables’ legs and tops off.
  • Completely disassemble bed frames, including the headboard and footboard
  • Take the knobs and other removable components off of the desks and dressers.
  • Couch and chair cushions and legs should be removed.

Look after your fragile items

Give it everything you’ve got while packing your sensitive stuff. Everything from bubble wrap to blankets to corrugated cardboard sheets. If at all feasible, take the glass components off of your furniture and wrap them individually. If they can’t be removed, surround them with cardboard cutouts. If there are any glass surfaces, mark a big “X” with tape so that they won’t likely shatter if they break.

Don’t overfill boxes

You shouldn’t have any boxes that are heavier than 30 pounds. Boxes that weigh more than this will likely not support the weight, and trying to lift them could cause major back injury. Pack light products in large boxes and heavy items in tiny boxes to prevent over-packing each box.

family packing boxes for a move
Knowing the proper way to pack is essential when you’re getting ready to transport your furniture from Cary NC

Protect the corners

The corners of your furniture will be most vulnerable to damage on moving day out of anything you’re carrying. Thick cardboard pieces work just as well as the specialized “furniture corner protectors,” which are available for purchase.

Use furniture gliders

Experts providing moving services Raleigh advises placing gliders beneath the furniture to minimize scratching if your home has hardwood or tile flooring. Along with gliders for furniture, other items like towels and cardboard can make moving furniture simpler while still protecting your surfaces.

Decide on storage options

If there are some pieces of furniture you’re not sure you want to move but also don’t want to throw away, think about using storage Raleigh NC. That way, your furniture will remain safe and in good condition up to the moment you make the final decision.

Wrapping up

Moving need not be a stressful experience. Neither makes the decision to transport your furniture from Cary NC. By properly packing, securing, and moving your heavier goods, you can reduce some of the stress. By doing this, you can assure that your furniture will reach your new house in good condition.



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