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Ideal Places for Family Time in NC

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Ideal Places for Family Time in NC

Moving to another state with your children is exhausting and a big life change. If you’ve just moved to North Carolina, you might still be exploring all the fun things to do and places to visit. Planning activities that are fun for both kids and adults can be tricky. Luckily, NC is not only one of the most family-friendly states in the country, but it’s also rich in history and picturesque nature. Thanks to this, it should be super easy for your family to find something that is appealing to everyone involved. After a successful relocation with a reliable moving company in Raleigh, you will need some suggestions on how to spend your weekends enjoying North Carolina with your kids. There are many good places for family time in NC, and we are sharing the best ones!

The best places for family time in NC

You can spend quality family time exploring North Carolina with your children. With the excellent moving services Raleigh has at its disposal, you will not be tired from a hard, complicated relocation, but instead, you’ll be ready to start enjoying NC right away. Don’t skip visiting the following places with your family:

  • Raleigh
  • Wake Forest
  • Apex
  • Asheboro
  • Charlotte
  • The Outer Banks
family on a beach at sunset
You will find plenty of places for family time in NC.


If you like spending family time exploring cities, you will love Raleigh. Most couples with children choose to move to Raleigh, and if you are one of them, you’ll be happy to hear that this vibrant North Carolina city has plenty of fun content to offer to people of all ages. The youngest kids will love visiting Pullen Park, while teens will look forward to countless sporting events and concerts taking place year-round. Visiting the Raleigh attractions will not break your bank, considering that the city is quite affordable.

Shackleford Banks

If you and your kids want to see animals in the wild, this is the place to go. You can take the ferry to the Crystal Coast island of Shackleford Banks, which is how the fun starts. Your kids will be thrilled to see hundreds of wild horses running free. You can also take a guided tour for an even more immersive experience.

Wake Forest

One of the most beautiful family-friendly destinations in North Carolina is Wake Forest. If you don’t live here, consider moving with the best movers Wake Forest NC has, since the city is found to be one of the best places in NC to live in. Its low cost of living and great schools make it ideal for your children. If you already settled in another place, and you’re looking for a serene place with scenic nature to spend your family vacation in, Wake Forest is the place for you.


Apex is another place that offers plenty of fun content for kids and adults of all ages. Moving there with your family with the help of a fine Apex NC moving company is a decision you won’t regret, but if you chose another place then spending a vacation in Apex should be on your list. The events and locations you can visit while in Apex are extensive, but to name a few child favorites, you could take them to Peak Fest, Jordan Lake Recreation Area, or Crowder District Park. You will have the chance to eat at some of the best restaurants in North Carolina, and enjoy spectacular food and drinks. Both you and your kids will love Apex!

family of five looking for places for family time in NC
Family fun is guaranteed in Apex.


Home to the world’s biggest walk-through zoo, Asheboro is a dream come true for all nature and animal lovers. Kids are known to adore animals of all kinds, and in Asheboro, they will get a chance to spend a day walking among elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and many more spectacular species. Visiting the North Carolina Zoo is an event your children will remember forever. In addition to the zoo, Asheboro also has other attractions you can see. There are numerous museums, art galleries, and parks if that’s more your cup of tea. You can also check out the Family Sports Center if you are a family of sports lovers.


Another North Carolina gem for quality family time is Charlotte. The city is known for its theme park which is an all-time kid favorite. If you’re spending several days exploring Charlotte, or you just moved here, you will be amazed at what it has to offer for fun. In addition to the Carowinds theme park, don’t miss seeing the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the Charlotte Museum of Nature, or Freedom Park. Kids of all ages will easily find something fun to do in this city.

The Outer Banks

If you’re looking for an active family vacation on the beach- the Outer Banks is the place for you. Whether you moved here or you’re just here for several days, you will love everything The Outer Banks has to offer. You can’t get bored here. Your family can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, or immerse in numerous water sports. It’s only a matter of preference. If your kids still aren’t exhausted after a fun day at the beach, take them for a tour around town. The Outer Banks is rich in history. It will be a bliss to explore for all history fans out there.

family at a beach
Enjoy the beach with your family in The Outer Banks

The best places for family time in NC are waiting for you!

North Carolina is one of the best places to enjoy with your family. After your relocation, you’ll see just how family-friendly and welcoming the cities are. You can find places for family time in NC with ease anytime you decide to take a vacation. Whether you’re looking for places to spend a week exploring, or just for a fun weekend getaway, the options are endless. North Carolina residents are welcoming and eager to help you get to know the cities anytime. Whatever your family considers an ideal vacation, surely you’ll be able to find it in NC. From hiking, through exploring historic sites to a lazy day at the beach, this state offers everything. Welcome!


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