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Living in Apex – all the info you need

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Living in Apex – all the info you need

While some enjoy exploring new things, others like to prepare themselves in advance for upcoming changes. And moving to a new city or country can be quite an adventure that requires certain preparations. It’s always a good idea to do some research before deciding to relocate your home and family. When it comes to living in Apex NC, we have summarized the most important information about the city. And with the assistance of Next Stop Movers NC, moving will come to you as a natural sequence of events in your life.

A few general information about Apex

On the site of Apex, a railway station was built in 1854. Settlers have been gradually moving into the area since then. And it was only in 1873 that the city was founded. The small town slowly developed and grew around the station. Today, Apex is a medium-sized city with about 70,000 inhabitants. In 2015, Money magazine named it the best place to live in America due to affordability, quality of life, spatial planning, safety, etc. And regularly ranks at the very top of the lists of the best place and suburbs to raise a family in NC. Therefore, it is not surprising that many opt for moving to Apex NC, both young families, and retirees. Since the last census in 2020, Apex has grown by 10.87%.

happy family with two kids living in Apex
Apex ranks as the 3rd best place in NC to raise a family.

Affordable cost of living

Apex is considered to be a generally quite affordable city to live in. However, we must note that housing prices are above the national average. More precisely, housing costs are 14% higher, but all other items are below or around the national average. The median housing price in 2022 was $530000, which is 2,0% higher than the year before. Whether you will experience the cost of living as favorable or more expensive depends mostly on your income. And the median household income in Apex is $112,549 according to Since the national average income is around $70,000, it’s evident that one can live comfortably with the current earnings in Apex.

  • Prices of groceries are very reasonable in Apex, 13% cheaper than the national average. The bread is $2,74, and you’ll have to pay $0,94 for 1 l of milk. You need about $500 per month for groceries, while dinner for two in a restaurant will cost you around $60.
  • The median rent is $1392 monthly, which is more expensive than the national average. You can rent a one-room apartment in the city center for $1253. And you can rent an apartment of that size in a less prestigious neighborhood for $998.
  • A family of four needs $163 a month for basic utilities, plus $67,1 for the internet.
  • For a monthly ticket for public transport, you will have to pay $55,8 while a single ticket costs $2,18. Also, for a 5-mile cab ride, prepare $16,8.
  • The minimum combined sales tax amount for 2023 in Apex is 7, 25%. And that means both county and state sales taxes. The property tax rate is $41 per $100, and the tax income rate is $4,99.

Healthy economy

Living in Apex appeals to people of all ages, but mostly to families, young professionals, and experts in IT, finance, health care, education, etc. Currently, the city employs about 29,000 people in various industries. When we add to that the low unemployment rate of 2.8% and job market increase of 3%, it’s clear why it is one of the best places to live in NC. There are a lot of successful companies in Apex that employ a lot of people. Some of the most prominent ones are SPS Corp, ATI Industrial, and Indovance. There was also an increase in the employment rate of 5.77% in just one year. Our long distance movers in Apex NC will take care of your relocation if you decide to move to Apex too.

Women and men at the meeting
Living in Apex appeals to young people pursuing careers and new job opportunities.

Living in Apex is safe

Another important reason why people choose to move to Apex is safety. Of all the 17 major cities in NC, Apex ranks 2nd for safety. The crime rate of Apex is among the lowest in the nation regarding its size. Its crime index is 49% which means it’s safer than the 49% of cities in America. The odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 1,498. While the property crime rate is around the national average. Suffice it to say it has the lowest violent crime rate and the fifth lowest non-violent crime rate in NC.

First-class public schools

There are 19 public schools in Apex, attended by 21,077 students. It is an interesting fact that most of the highly ranked schools in NC are located in Apex. There are 16 elementary schools from pre-K to 12th grade and 3 high schools. The best-ranked are White Oak Elementary School, Apex Friendship High School, and Apex High School. Precisely Apex High is recognized as an excellent public school for preparing its students for college. The college readiness of Apex High students is above average.

The most sought-after neighborhoods

For buyers who can afford custom-made homes, we recommend Abbington. It is in a great location, with colonial-style houses, tree lines, and a lot of space. It’s a well-kept but expensive neighborhood, which has its swimming pool, tennis court, and playground. Brookshire manor is the most sought-after neighborhood, where the homes sell the fastest. In this luxurious area prices go above $500,000.

white residential building in colonial style
Apex neighborhoods are safe and well-maintained.

If you prefer a more modest and rural setting, Crokettes Ridge might be the right for you. It’s pretty family-friendly with nearby schools and playgrounds, and it’s a very safe area. The prices of homes in this area range between 200 and 400 thousand dollars. Home values in this neighborhood are expected to increase, given the Chatham Park development project. It might be the perfect moment to buy in this area, so hire our local movers in Apex NC on time.

Before you start living in Apex, move with a reliable company

Before you make a final decision to move, ask around about the topics that are important to you. Once you get all the info you need, you’ll know whether living in Apex suits you. If you are also fascinated by this charming city, all you have to do is choose credible movers. And that is exactly what we are at Next Stop Movers Raleigh NC, a licensed and verified company. You will find more information about us and our services on our website.

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