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Living in Cary, NC – What Is It Like?

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Living in Cary, NC – What Is It Like?

Cary is a beautiful suburban city, home to 169,000 residents, located in North Carolina, the seventh largest state in the U.S. It is situated just outside of Raleigh, and it is the seventh largest city in North Carolina. Cary is attracting more and more Americans looking to relocate, and for all the right reasons! This up-and-coming city has an extraordinary quality of life and plenty of things to offer. With its perfect balance of modern amenities and its greenery, it is no wonder that Cary has been on the radar of anyone looking to relocate. And anyone coming would feel welcome, due to its rich cultural diversity and history. If you’re interested in moving here, reputable Cary NC movers will help you. Keep reading to get a feel for living in Cary NC!

You won’t have to worry about safety after you move to Cary NC

Starting strong, Cary has continuously been ranked as one of the safest places to live in the United States! And to anyone looking to move, but more so families with kids, safety issues are a priority. Knowing your children are growing up in a town with extremely low crime rates is a relief to any parent. This is mainly due to community values, good quality of life, and also excellent education. For moving safely, you can contact interstate movers Raleigh NC.

Family playing in the snow
Cary, NC is one of the safest towns in the U.S. it is perfect for families with children


The community in Cary is very diverse and welcoming to newcomers. It is a city that has exponentially grown in population during the past three decades, increasing cultural diversity. Anyone can feel welcome here and find their place in the community. If you’re moving from another state, long distance moving companies Raleigh NC can help you have a smooth move. This especially goes for families wanting to relocate. Cary is ranked as one of the best places in the U.S. for families with kids. The community in Cary offers many activities that are good for bonding between neighbors. Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary hosts plays, outdoor events,  and concerts, making it easier to feel closeness, and get to know your neighbors.

Terrific location

One of the many upsides to living in Cary, NC is the great location of the town. Proximity to Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh is what draws in people with jobs in these cities. Cary is located in the center of North Carolina, allowing you to take trips to the mountains or the beach easily. Besides, for anyone traveling interstate regularly, closeness to the airport is a must, and with Cary being near the Durham International Airport, it is an extremely convenient town to live in. On the other hand, if a motor vehicle is your transportation of choice, Cary is also near the major interstate highways. And with help from Next Stop Movers Raleigh NC moving to Cary has never been easier!

Cost of living in Cary NC

Currently, living in Cary, NC costs 3% higher than the national average. However, it is greatly dependent on your job, salary, and housing, as well as your way of living. With housing costs on the rise, Cary has 23% higher costs of housing than the national average. On the bright side, with its 6% lower than national average health care costs and 13% lower grocery expenses, Cary still is on the more affordable side of suburban U.S. cities. Finding the right moving services Raleigh will help cut down some of the costs.

Housing options and costs

The real estate market in Cary is blooming due to the popularity of living in Cary in recent years. Housing costs are on the rise, accordingly. But it also means there are more and more housing options. With the economy booming, the value of housing in Cary is expected to keep growing. The cost of housing in Cary is a little bit more expensive compared to the neighboring towns, however, it is still relatively affordable, especially considering the average salary in Cary. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, with professional furniture movers Cary NC, you will be guaranteed the safety of your belongings.

A red house with a garden
Housing options in Cary are consistently growing, with more and more people moving there

Weather in Cary, NC

Great weather in Cary is attracting people from the North looking to escape snowy cold winters. Winters do bring snow sometimes, but unfortunately, for winter sports enthusiasts, it never lasts more than a few days.  Temperatures are more mild compared to the South. Summer gets warm, but still not too hot, so you can expect to enjoy outdoor activities all summer long. Cary has beautiful springs and falls, with mild and relatively warm temperatures. It also doesn’t get severe storms, but it is cloudy during most of the year. The average temperature during the year goes from 32°F to 89°F.

Job opportunities

A lot of people are choosing Cary, NC as their new home because of job opportunities. The area of Raleigh-Cary has been ranked one of the best areas for jobs in the U.S. If you’re moving from Raleigh, residential movers Raleigh NC can make your move easier. With big companies coming to Cary, the economy is booming, and therefore the job market is thriving. Huge companies like Apple, Google, DataFlux, and American Airlines are all potential employers for anyone looking to find a job. If you’re searching for work in the area, with so many great options, landing a great job should be a piece of cake. A worthy piece of information, the average salary in Cary as of October 2022 is estimated to be about 70k dollars, and it is expected to keep increasing.

People in a job meeting discussing living in Cary, NC
Big companies are moving to Cary NC, so finding a job in your field won’t be a difficult task

Education options

Cary offers a great variety of public and private schools, and North Carolina is home to some of the best universities in the U.S.  This is one of the reasons why Cary has been such a popular location for families looking to relocate. Some of the best universities in the area, known as “The triangle,” are Duke University, North Carolina State University, Meredith College, and the University of North Carolina. If you’re looking for great high schools, Cary has a lot to offer, too. Here are some of the best high schools residents of Cary gravitate towards:

  • Cary Academy
  • Chesterbrook Academy
  • Green Hope high school
  • Cary High.

Parks and Greenways

Cary, NC, currently offers more than 30 parks in total. These parks are not only beautiful green areas but also a source of outdoor entertainment. They offer countless fun activities, such as skateboarding, challenge courses, and boating. Some of the most visited parks are North Cary Park, Downtown Park, and Bond Park. If you like long walks through nature, Cary has about 100 miles of greenways throughout the town, and more are planned. Some notable greenways include American Tobacco Trail, White Oak Greenway, and Black Creek Greenway.

Greenway in Cary NC
Greenways and parks are one of many benefits of living in Cary NC


The town of Cary never fails to entertain! Throughout the year, there are countless manifestations and festivals taking place in Cary, NC. People of all ages and interests are guaranteed to find something that appeals to them. There is something for everyone! Some of the favorite festivals among residents are the Lazy day’s craft festival, Winter wonderland, Food truck rodeo, and many more. Koka Booth Amphitheater offers many daytime and nighttime concerts during the year.

For movie fans, Cary Theater is a wonderful place to relax and watch a movie. Sports fans are also not forgotten when living in Cary, NC. Whether you’re interested in soccer, baseball, tennis, or skateboarding, there is a place for you to enjoy your favorite sport. With so many festivals, the town of Cary offers a list of annual events, that you can look through. We are sure you’ll find something for yourself!

Possible downsides to living in Cary, NC

While the town of Cary has a lot to offer, there are some problems you could encounter, depending on your needs and priorities. This is something to keep in mind when considering a move here!

A lot of construction work

With a thriving economy and a lot of new residents, the city is constantly growing. The downside, it can get loud and busy! Due to new buildings going up every day, Cary is quite often under construction. This can cause an increase in traffic and possibly make your commute longer.

Construction workers living in Cary, NC
With the city constantly being under construction, the commute could be longer

Lack of nightlife

Cary is a perfect place for families, children, and the elderly. Unfortunately, if you’re younger or simply a fan of going out, you would be disappointed. With restaurants and bars closing as early as 9 pm, the nightlife is something the town of Cary is lacking in.

Living in Cary, NC can be expensive for families just moving here

For anyone just starting, living in Cary, NC can be expensive. The city itself is fairly affordable; however, for anyone graduating and just starting a career, housing and other expenses in Cary can be costly. With the move itself being expensive, hiring packing services Raleigh NC can cut down some of the costs.

Final thoughts

Although there are some downsides, living in Cary NC, and relocating here will be the best decision you can make. It’s a great place if you are seeking education or if you are a nature enthusiast. The job opportunities will not disappoint you. Make sure you have the right movers by your side, and get moving!

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