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Moving from Apex to Cary with kids – simple guide

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Moving from Apex to Cary with kids – simple guide

Relocating to Cary from Apex means you’ll get to enjoy the perks of living in the Triangle area with no disruption. Much like Apex, Cary is near the capital, giving you easy access to the hustle and bustle of the big city, and a quick commute to and from work. Moving from Apex to Cary with kids will be a quick and easy endeavor if you tackle it right. Your local team of pro movers at Next Stop Movers Raleigh will share their best tips to help you plan your smooth moving project. So, here’s everything you need to know about your move, and how to make it fun for your children.

A father with two kids
Moving from Apex to Cary with kids will be easy with the right pro moving help

How to make moving from Apex to Cary with kids a simple experience

The distance between Apex and Cary is a mere 15 minutes drive. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the work your upcoming moving project requires, lulled by the short distance involved. You’ll be changing houses after all, and this is always a big thing. Besides, if you’re relocating to Cary from Apex with kids, you’ll need to figure how to make it easy for them as well. And, if you’re moving your business along with your household, book your commercial movers Raleigh NC with no further ados.

Moving with kids can be overwhelming. But there is a way to make it simple for yourself, and fun for the kids. So, here is a mini-guide that will give you the lead on how to make your transfer from Apex to Cary painless and easy.

  • Talk to your kids about the move
  • Go house hunting all together
  • Involve your kids in the move
  • Explore your new home

Tell your kids about the move early on

So, swapping Apex for Cary doesn’t involve a cultural shock, or worrying about how well you adapt to the new climate. Your current and home-to-be are in the same area, and this means that you wouldn’t need to go through major life-changing disruptions in your familiar routine. In fact, chances are, your kids wouldn’t even have to change schools. But, you’ll be moving into a new home, and this may give you cold feet at some point.

Anyway, remember that moving nearby your good old abode is an advantage that many people don’t have. The positive here is that you can plan your move with more certainty than if you would move to a completely unfamiliar place. Also, finding reputable movers Apex NC is much easier, as you can surely trust the recommendations of your local community.

A kid in a moving box
Tell your kids about the upcoming move early on, and let them adapt to the idea of moving homes

Your main concern, however, might be relocating from Apex to Cary with your kids. You might be worried about how will they react, as kids tend to dread changes even more than grown-ups, especially if they’re comfortably settled in the familiarity of the home. So, once you know about the move, master the courage and tell your kids about it. It’s better to do it sooner than later. This way, you’ll allow them time to come to terms with the idea of moving to Cary from Apex.

Search for a new home together with your kids

Children don’t like feeling excluded. And especially so, when moving from the cozy nest they call home to a different place they aren’t sure how to feel about. Hence, a while before you book your reliable movers Cary NC you should set on a house-hunting project. Moving from Apex to Cary with kids will naturally require you to have your new family home secured first thing. 

So, given the distance between Apex and Cary, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to make the house-hunting project a fun family trip every now and then. This will enable you to create a close bond with your kids, and keep them in the loop of what’s going on. Thus, they’ll feel involved, and likely even get excited about your upcoming move to Cary from Apex. Also, make sure to listen to their opinion on which property they like or don’t, and why. Of course, the decision-making power belongs to you. But, ensure you give your children the opportunity to voice out their preferences too.

Moving from Apex to Cary with kids and making them part of it

Relocations typically entail many tasks and responsibilities. It surely can be nerve-wracking balancing your daily schedule and all it needs to be done for the transfer. However, with some effective pro help and a good plan of how to make the move with kids a seamless experience you’ll be setting yourself up on the road to a successful transfer to Cary.

Depending on the exact age of your kids, keeping up with them during the hectic phase that moving is can be challenging. So, work smart, rather than hard. You can get creative and delegate some duties to your kids while preparing for moving from Apex to Cary. For instance, organize a home decluttering action, and enlist them to help. Also, they’ll likely get excited about packing more than you. So, figure how to keep them busy, while being able to watch over them, instead of stressing out what are they up to while you’re busy with whatnot.

A parent with two kids packing clothes
Involve your kids in the moving process to keep them entertained, and assign them some simple tasks to help you with

Things to do in Cary with the kids

Cary is the third-largest town in the area, after Raleigh and Durham. It constantly features among the top places for raising a family in the nation. It’s a safe and community-oriented place. Here, good food and fun family activities are anything but scarce. Moving to Cary from Apex with kids comes with lots of pleasant activities to enjoy, and places to explore. So, take the initiative and team up with your children to find your favorite spots in your new home. Here’s a quick mention of things to do in the town of Cary with the kids:

  • Koka Booth Amphitheatre – is located near Symphony Lake. Apart from the beautiful surroundings, it offers lots of fun activities for the entire family. The park hosts numerous outdoor festivals, projections of family-friendly movies, and the annual Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival.
  • Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen – when moving from Apex to Cary with kids, be sure to take them to this fantastic eatery, offering a great selection of traditional southern cooking.
  • Cary Crossroads – in this plaza you’ll find a variety of shops at one place for a fun shopping experience with your little ones.
  • Triangle Aquatic Centre – it’s the largest of its kind in all of NC. If your children love swimming, bringing them here is one way to impress them.
  • Cary Creative Centre – offers creative workshops on the use of recyclable materials. It’s suitable for all age groups. Here you can unleash your creativity together with your kids.

In conclusion, take note of our simple guide for moving from Apex to Cary with kids. The tips of our experts will surely help you enjoy an easy and fun moving experience and your kids are sure to appreciate it too. Good luck.




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