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Moving from Apex to Garner 101

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Moving from Apex to Garner 101

Moving brings so much fun and excitement to your life. This is a new phase of your life and it will be a great one. Start with the right attitude. Start preparations for your moving from Apex to Garner as soon as possible. The first thing you have to do is to find the right movers. Next Stop Movers Raleigh is experienced and will help you transfer all your thing with ease to your new home. They will know to answer all your questions.

How to choose the right company for you

Finding the right company can be tricky, so start looking as soon as possible. You can start by looking for moving companies Apex NC based. That can be so convenient for you since you can go to their office for an initial interview. There you can get an idea of how they operate, you have to ask them all you want to know. They can show you their equipment and some certificates that their staff have, so you know who are you partnering up with.

moving company man
Find the best moving company you can.

The other option is to start looking for movers Garner NC if that is the place where your new home will be located. The advantage of it is that they will know just about everything about your new neighborhood. They will know is there a traffic jam and what are all the alternative roads to your new place. And when the moving day comes, you will realize that it is such a great plus.

Moving from Apex to Garner can be easy

Since the distance from Apex to Garner is just 16 miles, it means that you can travel in about 20 minutes by car. That will mean that you have an option to hire local movers Raleigh NC. And once you decide on your movers, start with preparations. It is said that organization is half of a job, so sit down and write all the tasks you have to do. Have in mind that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Ask for some help from friends and family members.

What is it like living in Garner?

Town in North Carolina, Garner is located in Wake County located in the suburb of Raleigh. It has a great community and the estimated population is about 28,858 residents. The total area of the town is 13.8 square miles and is totally located within Wake County with just partial extending into northern Johnston County.

Moving from Apex to Garner
Many people are happy with moving from Apex to Garner.

The residents of Garner are content with education, health care, and technology and this place is ranked as one of America’s best places to live and to raise a family. Everyone will be able to enjoy something in Garner. Whether it is a visit to historical downtown or a charm of southern hometown. It also offers a great climate for people who are ready to come here. Garner has a temperate climate with all four seasons and a winder that is much milder than the ones on the north. You will find there many trails and parks as well as some cultural festivals and art museums.

Is Garner affordable?

You may be pleasantly surprised that the current value of the city is one of the best aspects of all. This is one of the fastest-growing things in the United States, so buying real estate here is a great investment. It is noted that at the beginning of 2022 Garner home prices were 10.8% higher in comparison with last year.  Their median price is $320K. The houses are selling even faster this year: on average after they are on the market for 34 days. Last year they were selling after 47 days on the market. So if you want to buy yourself a home there, start looking as soon as possible.

If you are confused with these statistics, have in mind the opening of the White Oak Shopping Center. But the thing that influenced this trend, even more, is the new Amazon Distribution Center. This area is also ranked as one of the best places to live. These all resulted in building new construction homes in Garner. You will find here many job opportunities available. You will most probably find it pretty easy. There are many different businesses that are in need of employees in this area.

Conclusion on moving to Garner

If you want to hear our final thoughts on moving from Apex to Garner, here they are. The reason for this relocation can be different: from education to job opportunity or even retirement, this is the town where anyone can find something. This town is also located very well in the city of Raleigh, so many people who work there will find it convenient to live in Garner.

Almost anyone is content with living in Garner.

We are pretty sure that you will enjoy living there too. But don’t take the word from us. Before you make the decision, travel to Garner and see it all for yourself. Feel the energy, talk to some people, and maybe even apply for some job. That will give you a more complete picture of this town and you will know if it resonates with you or not.

Start preparing for moving from Apex to Garner

We really think that you will never regret moving from Apex to Garner. So once you make the decision, start with practical tasks that are waiting for you. Make a list of things you want to take with you. Order some packing material. Get some help with everything that you don’t know how to handle or that you don’t have the time for. Don’t stress and don’t freak out. Just cross one thing from the list after the other. Keep going and have in mind that some things can happen unexpectedly. But you can solve everything and having experienced movers by your side will help you overcome every difficult situation. Your new life will start very soon, so continue holding that wonderful vision in from of your eyes, whatever occurs. Good luck.


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