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Moving from Cary to Apex with partner- how to do it right

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Moving from Cary to Apex with partner- how to do it right

So you and your partner decided to move from Cary to Apex NC? Congratulations! Moving to a whole new town with your significant other might seem daunting, but it is manageable with the adequate organization. There are plenty of reasons you’ll love living in Apex, the town may be small but it doesn’t lack charm. Moving from Cary to Apex with a partner will be much easier with the help of North Carolina movers. Leave your relocation in the proficient hands of professional movers and you’ll have the chance to experience a seamless and easy relocation.

couple having tea after moving to Apex
You and your significant other will enjoy living in Apex.

Moving from Cary to Apex with a partner- how to do it right?

There are plenty of ways you can bring chaos into the relocation process. On some level, chaos is a given during a move. But it doesn’t have to be that way. All you need is a detailed plan and good time management. Or, even better, a professional mover. So, the two ways you can simplify your Cary-to-Apex relocation are:

  • plan the relocation process meticulously or
  • hire a moving company

Plan the entire relocation process meticulously

Before you approach moving day, it is important to have a good plan of how the relocation is going to go down. Firstly, make a packing plan. See what you can pack in advance and store away so you don’t cram up your place with moving boxes. Moving companies Cary have excellent storage services where you can put your belongings until moving day. Leave the stuff you use daily for last, and don’t forget to pack an “essentials” bag with your personal necessities so you don’t end up looking for your toothbrush in a bunch of moving boxes. Make a checklist for each room and check things off as you pack them. And lastly, it is of utmost importance to properly label your boxes so you know what is what when you get to unpacking.

Hire a moving company

Moving professionals are your best friends when it comes to home relocations. Consider talking to your partner about hiring residential movers Raleigh NC. The vast experience that movers have in all types of relocations means that they will do all the hard work for you and in significantly less time. The fact that they’ve done countless moves makes them much faster and skilled with packing, loading and unloading the truck. Luckily, movers offer their services at amicable prices. It is important to choose a licensed and insured moving company, and your troubles end there.

movers are great when you are moving from Cary to Apex with partner
Moving from Cary to Apex with a partner is much easier with the help of moving professionals.

Why is Apex such a great place to live in?

If you and your significant other are moving to Apex from Cary you may be wondering whether that’s a good idea. Apex is a small town but it doesn’t fall behind bigger cities when it comes to entertainment, an excellent schooling system, or good chances for employment. Here’s a list of reasons you’ll love living in Apex with your partner:

  • affordable housing prices
  • good employment opportunities
  • lots of areas for outdoor activities
  • superb educational system
  • entertainment options don’t lack all year

Affordable housing prices

You may or may not be surprised that living in Apex doesn’t break your bank. As the matter of fact, the price of renting and even buying a house is surprisingly low. Of course, there are both cheap and expensive houses to be found, but compared to real estate in bigger cities, the price range for houses in Apex seems almost unreal. You can buy a home for as little as 200,000$, but the prices can go up to >$2 million. Either way, you will have an excellent selection of homes at your disposal if you and your partner are looking to buy.

Moving from Cary to Apex with a partner- what about employment?

If you are worried whether you and your partner will be able to find a job in Apex, we’re here to tell you you have nothing to worry about! Finding a job is difficult enough nowadays, but Apex is located along the way of major local highways, so even if you find employment in Raleigh or Durham you will only have a few minutes of commute.

Lots of areas suitable for outdoor activities

If you and your partner are a couple that loves spending time outdoors, you will be thrilled to know that Apex is a great town for you! The best neighborhoods in Apex have their own pools, parks and playgrounds, but even if you are not located in those neighborhoods there are still fantastic options. There are plenty of sports fields and courts for sports-lovers, but also outdoor fitness programs and gyms.

golf is a great outdoor activity
If you love outdoor activities, Apex is a great place for you.

Top-notch educational system

You may plan to have kids in the future, or you and your partner already have children. Then the issue of schools comes to mind as another important aspect of living in Apex. Luckily, this small charming town has a fantastic educational system. From public elementary schools to universities, your children will definitely not lack solid education options in here.

Good entertainment options year-round

Small towns may sound boring, but Apex will definitely surprise you with its great entertainment options year-round. Some of its best events include the Christmas on Salem, Olde Fashioned Fourth of July and Peak Fest, Easter Egg Hunt but there are many more. You will not miss out on fun living in Apex.

Moving from Cary to Apex with a partner- summary

Hopefully, now you are more at ease with your decision to move to Apex with your significant other. What is certain is that, in addition to its small-town charm, Apex also has a lot of diverse options for everyone to enjoy. Anyone can find something suitable for themselves in this adorable little town. Moving from Cary to Apex with your partner is a big step, but with the help of moving companies Apex you will find yourself settled in a blink of an eye.



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