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Moving from Cary to Holly Springs 101

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Moving from Cary to Holly Springs 101

There are plenty of reasons to move. Whether it is marriage, a job, or retirement, deciding to pack up your whole life is not easy. Even if you move just across the street, it can be quite stressful. Next Stop Movers Raleigh can change this. Skilled professionals are trained and do moves every day. They are faster and more efficient than an average person, that’s why it’s always recommended to hire help. But before the moving process itself, there is a difficult decision that needs to be done. Where to move to? If you have decided on moving from Cary to Holly Springs, this guide will help you.

General information about Holly Springs

Holly Springs is a suburb of the city of Raleigh. It has a population of around 35,000 residents. Many people consider this suburb to be one of the best places to live in North Carolina. In this community, most people own their homes and enjoy a suburban feel with little crowds and a lot of space. This suburb also has some of the best moving companies Holly Springs NC. If you have a family and think about moving from Cary to Holly Springs, just know that the schools here are highly rated.

Traffic on a crossroad when moving from Cary to Holly Springs
People consider Holly Springs to be one of the best places in the state

Benefits to enjoy when moving from Cary to Holly Springs

As we mentioned before Holly Springs is a fantastic place to live in by the opinion of many people. A lot of them would tell you not to think twice about hiring some Cary NC movers, but to move here and enjoy the numerous benefits of living in this city.

Holly Springs has a thriving job market

This suburb holds second place for job seekers in North Carolina. For such a small place, it is quite an achievement. This place also has very efficient and affordable packing services NC. In the past, people were attracted to this place because the living costs were affordable. Now it turned into a place for both living and working. The median home price nowadays in Holly Springs is $368,000 and the median income is $101,000. The major employment fields here are:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Information solutions
  • Vaccine manufacturing

Local food is amazing

For six years in a row now, Holly Springs takes first place in the top-rated farmers market in North Carolina. The primary industry in this state has been agriculture for years, so it is quite a big deal. The most famous market is the Carrboro Farmers Market, and it was founded 40 years ago! it gets visitors from all over the country. Great quality and affordable prices are just one of the perks of this market.


This small suburb has won 6 safety awards in 4 years. And if that doesn’t convince you about the safety of this place, let’s make a comparison. Cary was voted the safest city in America several times. Holly Springs has even a lower crime rate that the safest city in the USA. Even though Cary is much bigger and the number of residents, it feels good to live in such a safe place.

Teddy bear on a bench
This suburb is very safe

Conclusion on moving from Cary to Holly Springs

As you can see, for a place this small, it has a lot to offer. After reading this guide, we hope that moving from Cary to Holly Springs sound even more appealing than before. We wish you good luck and a safe relocation!


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