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Moving from Chapel Hill to Hillsborough with family – simple guide

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Moving from Chapel Hill to Hillsborough with family – simple guide

Moving from Chapel Hill to Hillsborough with family in tow looks to be quite a simple endeavor. After all, the two places are only 20 minutes apart! However, as everyone who has relocated once with a family knows, these things tend to be a lot more complicated. While our Next Stop Movers Raleigh can help you with transporting your belongings, you are going to have to make sure that your family is enjoying their time. And for that, you will need to make sure that everyone is “on the same page”. Other than that, you might want to get a heads-up on your new neighborhood and get some help from friends to get the most out of the relocation process.

A simple guide to moving from Chapel Hill to Hillsborough with family

To keep it simple, we only have four things that you will need to do:

  • Make sure that everyone is on the same page
  • Get to know your new neighborhood
  • Enlist some help
  • Prepare for the relocation process

But, as you might already suspect, there is a lot more to relocations than just that. Well, everything can really be summed up like that but each bullet point is quite lengthy on its own. If you hire one of the top movers Chapel Hill NC has to offer, it all gets a lot simpler. Your movers can advise and help you throughout the process, ensuring that you get the most of it. Having someone around who knows how these things go can be quite invaluable, after all. Not to mention that they are going to do almost all physical labor for you. Unless you want to do it on your own, of course.

family in front of cardboard moving boxes
A family that sticks together is a happy family.

In a nutshell, having professional movers around makes everything easier. Just make sure that you select one of the reputable moving companies in Chapel Hill, and you will have no problems. If you want to make your relocation as cheap as possible, you may be opening yourself to quite a lot of risk. Moving scams are not entirely uncommon, and they can be devastating even for this particular route. That being said, let’s presume that you’ve hired quality movers and are ready to proceed with your relocation. Let’s see what else you need to do.

Talking with your family

The first thing you will want to do is to ensure that everyone is taking the news of the relocation in stride. While you can’t expect the entire household to be ecstatic, what you need to do is make sure that everyone gets to terms with the idea of relocation. How you approach this topic is up to you, but creating a family meeting is usually a good place to start. Not all families will be able to attend a live meeting at the same time, of course, but make the effort anyway. It is important that you talk about the relocation and that it is something that’s on everyone’s mind.

Explaining the relocation to kids, however, might be a bit tricky in some cases. It is sometimes better to simply occupy their time with something else and get them to participate in one way or another. You can have your kid compare the moving companies Hillsborough NC has on offer, for example. Tell them that they will be able to get something for the difference in price and most kids will be happy to go at it. The main goal here is that everyone understands that the relocation is going to happen and that they need to be a part of it. It can be difficult, yes, but it is quite necessary.

person discussing moving from Chapel Hill to Hillsborough with family
Talk things through before you proceed.

Moving from Chapel Hill to Hillsborough with family – getting to know Hillsborough

Once you have everyone aboard, it is time to get to know the town of Hillsborough a bit more. Chances are that you already know some parts of it, or that a family member does. Since it is 20 minutes away from Chapel Hill, it’s not far to go and explore, either. What you need to do is organize a family “field trip” or two. Visit your new neighborhood and start identifying the things you like. While there will be things you dislike, try to keep the talk about them at a minimum. Don’t disregard them completely, acknowledge the drawbacks but focus on the positives.

Hillsborough has some amazing restaurants for being such a small town. Make sure to visit Napoli Pizzeria Hillsborough for some amazing pizza, Hillsborough BBQ Company for outstanding barbeque, and visit The Nomad At The Osbunn for some of the best food you will ever taste.

Get some help for the moving day

Relocations, even local ones (which this might very well be), can be extremely complicated. That is why you may want to enlist as much help as you can for the moving day. Your local movers Raleigh NC will take on the brunt of the work but there will still be things to do. You may need to do some last-minute packing, or you need some help with the kids, or you might be called in elsewhere on short notice. Anything can happen, after all, and you need to be prepared. In this case, being prepared means having someone around to help. Your friends, other family members, even some colleagues might “fit the bill”. After all, you don’t really know if they will need to do anything. They are there just in case.

And if you do have some chores for them to do, make sure that you communicate those clearly. Everyone loves to help but they need to know what they will be doing in advance.

a couple unrolling a wrap of bubble wrapping
The more available “hands on deck” you have, the better.

Make sure to give the relocation process the attention it deserves

All in all, a relocation from one place to another can be quite difficult. That is why there are so many guides about every specific part of the process. What we suggest is to do the abovementioned things and realize that moving from Chapel Hill to Hillsborough with the family will warrant your full attention. With that in mind, you will have no issues dealing with things as they crop up. If your family, friends, and movers are right there beside you, you have nothing to worry about!



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