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Moving from Clayton to Durham – complete guide

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Moving from Clayton to Durham – complete guide

Getting ready for a relocation is a process that can take many days, sometimes even weeks or months. There’s a lot that you need to research, find out and plan. Moving from Clayton to Durham is no different. Even though both cities are located in North Carolina, there are some major differences. That’s why it’s very important to think carefully when planning your relocation. This guide will help you better understand the differences between the two cities, give you a glimpse at what to expect, and tell you how to get ready for this relocation.

Goodbye Clayon, hello Durham

Clayton is a beautiful city to live and work in but compared to Durham it’s much smaller. With a population of only 26,000, it can’t compare to Durham’s 285,000. That might not sound like a large difference. It’s only the 75th largest US city by population. But, Durham is perfectly positioned to benefit from its surroundings, and that is perhaps the main reason why so many people are moving from Layton to Durham. It’s located in the middle of the four-county Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan area. That means that the city is at the core of a metro area that has a population of over 640,000 residents.

students at Duke University
The Research Triangle, which Durham is a part of, is home to 3 prestigious universities

Another thing worth noting is that Durham is an integral part of the Raleigh-Durham-Cary Combined Statistical Area, more commonly known as the Research Triangle. An area that has a population of more than 2 million and is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country. North Carolina State University (Raleigh), Duke University (Durham), and the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) are all located in this triangle. That means that Durham has great potential, both when it comes to finding a high-paying job as well as when looking for talent. All of that allows you to have great flexibility, both when moving and after it. For example, you might rent storage Raleigh NC while moving to Durham, since it’s so close, and vice-versa. The job market will be so much bigger and so will the opportunities.

Start your relocation process by doing research on moving from Clayton to Durham

The first step in any good plan is to do thorough research. And when it comes to moving from Clayton to Durham, it can save you a lot of trouble, money, and time. There’s much that you need to find information on, from moving companies Durham NC to the cost of housing and living. So, make sure you start with your research as soon as possible. The more you prepare, the easier the entire relocation will be.

For example, Durham has a bit lower median household income, while having more expensive housing. That said, it does offer more opportunities and the average commute time is much lower. That’s mostly because many people from Clayton commute to the Durham- Chapel Hill Metro Area on a daily basis.

Create a checklist to guide you when moving to Durham

Moving can be chaotic and quickly become disorganized. That’s why it’s very important to create a moving checklist as part of your overall moving plan. Feel free to include anything and everything that you might think you’ll need to do before moving from Clayton to Durham. That way you’ll stay more organized and be completely ready once Next Stop Movers Raleigh arrives. You’ll lower the chance of forgetting something important or making a packing mistake. In conjunction with it, it’s also a good idea to create a packing inventory. That way you’ll know exactly what you need to pack and when. It will help you with both getting a more accurate moving estimate as well as save you money on moving boxes.

couple moving from Clayton to Durham
Creating a moving checklist will allow you to stay organized

Find a reputable moving company to assist when moving from Clayton to Durham

One of the most important steps in any moving plan is finding a reliable moving company to assist you. Even though it’s just a 40-minute drive from Clayton to Durham, it takes a lot to pack, load and transport everything you own.

When looking for moving companies Clayton NC, make sure you pay attention to details. You want to find a reputable moving company that won’t charge too much. So make sure that they are licensed and registered and that their online reviews are positive. Don’t take any offer without doing at least a basic background check first.

Set aside enough time for packing

Packing might not be the most physically challenging task when moving from Clayton to Durham, but it does take a lot of your time. From buying moving boxes to getting your belongings ready, it can take days. So, make sure you start as soon as possible, especially if you are moving a business. You’ll need to be swift as you want to finish the relocation with minimal impact on your business.

Start by planning your packing process. What will you pack first? And which items will remain unpacked up until the last moment? You’ll want to be able to give your life as normally as you can before the movers arrive. But also, you want to be ready to go as soon as they ring your doorbell.

couple packing before moving
Packing can take a really long time, so make sure you start early

Moving day preparations that you need to handle

As the moving day approaches, you probably have even more things on your mind. You need to organize the entire relocation while keeping track of your daily duties. Soon the movers will arrive so you need to be ready. So, check the Durham weather forecast so you’ll know what to wear and pack an overnight bag. Add anything that might be useful to you until your new home is ready. Don’t forget your phone and laptop charger, as unpacking everything can take a lot of time. You don’t want to be doing that just for a charger.

Moving from Clayton to Durham can be easy and fun

You are most likely looking forward to your upcoming relocation. And with quality movers by your side, you won’t even feel it. So, relax, enjoy and start planning your new life. Moving from Clayton to Durham is an excellent opportunity to meet you, people, expand your horizons and have fun.



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