Moving from Durham to Garner : Complete Guide

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Moving from Durham to Garner : Complete Guide

Moving from one place to another is as difficult as it is exciting. You are leaving everything behind in one place, to start anew in a new home. All of the moving companies in North Carolina can help you with your relocation. But no professional can help you with making up your mind. That’s something that only you can do. A lot of time and research is required before making a decision. It is your new hometown we are talking about after all! This guide aims to help you when moving from Durham to Garner. It will provide a little bit of information about Durham just to make the comparison to Garner. Also, the pros and cons of living in Garner will be included. We hope that it will be sufficient to help you make up your mind.

General information about Durham aka. Bull City

Durham is a city located in North Carolina. The city has a population of around 250,000 residents. Durham’s exact location is in Durham Country. According to some sources, it is considered to be a top-rated city in this state. They also have some of the highest-rated moving companies Durham NC. Living here offers inhabitants a suburban feel. Even though it doesn’t have many residents, it offers a dense feeling. Families who have a residence in this city are here to stay since most of them own their homes. Durham has a small city vibe to it but has a nightlife of a big urban place. If you are a food lover, Bull City also offers phenomenal dishes that can strongly rival even Ashville, NC.

Picture of a calm neighborhood
Both cities offer a suburban feel

General information about Garner

If you decide on moving from Durham to Garner, you will be relocating to a suburb with a population of around 30,000 residents. Garner is a suburb of Raleigh located in Wake Country with excellent moving companies Garner NC. This suburb is also highly rated as a city with good livability. Moving here won’t change much in this instance, because same like Durham, it offers a dense suburban feel, even though it is much smaller. If you relocate here, you will be joining a community of homeowners. Nature lovers enjoy this city to the fullest since it has a lot of greenery in the form of parks. Families with kids will benefit from moving to this city since their schools are highly rated. Normally, you would expect that a small suburb doesn’t have much fun to offer, but Garner hosts various festivals and activities.

Moving from Durham to Garner – how to decide

Deciding on this might be as difficult for some people as deciding whether you should rent climate controlled storage Raleigh NC. Difficult or not, you have to do it, and we will help you. There are so many beautiful cities you can move to in North Carolina, that it might seem impossible to choose. However, some cities are better suited for family life, some are more affordable while others are better for starting a business. According to what stage of life you are in right now, pay attention to the following:

  • Affordability
  • Job opportunities
  • The size of the city
  • Entertainment
  • Educational system
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a certain city

The advantages of Garner

Moving from Durham to Garner can be both a good and a bad decision since there are advantages and disadvantages to living in this city. In the following paragraph, we will talk about the good sides.

Living in Garner is considered affordable

Unlike in nearby Raleigh, homes in Garner can be found for a very good price. You can find a decent house for half the price of one in the neighboring cities. Rent is also affordable if you are not planning to stay here for a long time.

Couple taking money from an ATM to pay for moving from Durham to Garner
You can buy a home in Garner for a very good price

The location is good

The location is the biggest pro for people who like to spend time outdoors. The city is close to Lake Benson Park, which is also popular among families with kids. Activities by the beach are also available in Garner, which is great after a long distance relocation. And if you want to spend time by the Atlantic ocean, you are just a few hours away.

When moving from Durham to Garner you will enjoy the community

The community is what makes this city great. Everybody is friendly and family-oriented. Getting to know your new neighbors will be a pleasure since most of the people welcome newcomers.

Downsides of moving to Garner

Sadly, not everything can be perfect and without bad sides. That is also the case with Garner. We will point out the main cons that people usually complain about.

The traffic

Even though it is not a very big city, traffic can get bad, especially during rush hours. Before you decide to relocate here, pay attention to the distance between your house and work. This is because many houses have a lot of space between them, taking the time to get from point A to point B longer. There are also many schools in the area, where you cannot drive fast. This only adds to the commute time.

Car mirror showing traffic jam
Although it is a small city, traffic is quite bad during rush hour

There is not much to do when moving from Durham to Garner

Since you will be relocating from a big city to a smaller one, you can also expect fewer entertainment options. If you are someone who is looking for many nightlife options and fun, you probably shouldn’t move to Garner. Although it is a small city, it still has plenty of festivals. The only downside could be that they are mostly family-oriented. And many of them are even free!

How to prepare for the relocation

After you have made up your mind, you should know that proper preparation is key to a successful move. Dedicate enough time to planning every step of the process, since many things can go wrong when you least expect it. Hiring professionals will help you a lot, especially with packing your belongings. If you don’t want to hire help, you can always ask your friends and family for assistance. Just make sure to pay them back in some way.

Moving from Durham to Garner – conclusion

Even though it’s an intrastate relocation, moving from Durham to Garner is difficult, the way relocations tend to be. But with proper preparations, decision making and a little bit of help, everything is possible. We wish you success and good luck!


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