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NC moving guide for all generations

You have decided on relocating home but you are not sure where to begin. Searching for moving companies in North Carolina can be a hard task if you do not know how to do it. On top of it, you must work on your legalities, budget, packing plan, and much more. When you gather all those tasks, you’ll realize that the moving process can be quite complex. Therefore, we bring you the NC moving guide for all generations. It is something that will guide you through the entire process and make sure you reach the other side safely. Let’s take a look.

NC moving guide for all generations and the relocation plan behind it

NC moving guide for all generations begins with a thorough home inspection. You must know how many pieces of furniture you possess as well as how many other random items you have at home. Hence, check out the basement, garage, loft, and all rooms inside your home. While doing it, measure your hallways, corridors, staircases, doors, and widows. Make sure you have the numbers straight and be sure your home is a safe place to work in. Once you have this info, you will know the packing material requirement and if there are any problems on the horizon. Put it all on your moving checklist and call your movers Durham NC to provide them with the info you gathered. They will use it for the estimates and finalize your relocation plan.

a couple making a NC moving guide for all generations
A moving checklist is the strongest tool when relocating. It will keep you up to date with all your responsibilities.

NC moving guide for all generations include a thorough search for a moving company

Now when you have inspected your home thoroughly, you already completed half of the preparations. The only thing left is to find one of the professional moving companies Clayton NC. Search on the internet and compare prices and services. Shortly you’ll find many choices but you must narrow it down to only a few. Guided by your preset requisites and if you read a few moving reviews, there should be only a matter of minutes until you find an eligible candidate. Once you do, check if they are licensed and if they possess everything that is necessary to undertake this job. They must have all the tools and equipment as well as all moving services and insurance. You can check this online or simply give them a call and confirm. Whatever you think is best.

Free moving estimates

To obtain the precise moving price and realize what kind of moving services Raleigh is needed, you should utilize onsite estimates. Your movers offer this service for free and it is quite amazing. Basically, your moving representative will pay you a visit and evaluate everything. They will weigh your cargo, inspect your furniture, and the environment. Once they take all the measurements, they will know how many hours it will take, how many workers you must hire, what kind of moving service you must purchase, the packing materials requirement, and if there are any complications. They will draw the line and provide you with the final moving cost and the moving plan. But do not worry, this is just the raw plan. Upon receiving it, you will make changes according to your budget and personal requirements.

movers providing onsite estimates
Utilize free onsite estimates. There is no better way to realize the complexity of your relocation.

Hunt for packing supplies

All the packing supplies you’ll need can be found at the nearest home depot. Or at any hardware store. Maybe you can order everything online in case you have no time to go there on foot. Finally, if you have enough money to spend, you can purchase packing services and let your movers bring everything. No matter, whatever you decide, you must ensure you have the following:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Packing paper.
  • Plastic wrap.
  • Labels.

Aside from the mandatory packing materials, you can always purchase better-quality ones. It all depends on the level of safety you want to enforce. There are packing peanuts, Styrofoam, plastic bins, corner pads, dividers, stronger bubble wraps, and much more. Of course, they are more expensive but most of them are reusable and of much better quality. So, think about it and purchase at least a few to protect your most precious items. For example, if you have a piano, it would be wise to protect it adequately. The same goes for unique artwork, valuable furniture, etc.

Packing and decluttering

Yes, we know that packing is boring beyond measure. But there is no NC moving guide for all generations without it. We all must do it when relocating unless we enlist movers to do it instead. And again, even when letting our movers do it, we still must pack personal stuff. So, shuffle through your belongings and figure out how many items you must pack and what is there to get rid of. Declutter as much as possible to make your relocation easier and cheaper. Simply by having fewer items to pack, you will use fewer materials. Simple math. Hence, set aside all unused, broken, old, and not needed items and once you have enough, decide what to do with them.

a woman shuffling through old items
Declutter and downsize before moving. It will make your relocation ten times easier and a lot cheaper.

You can donate, recycle, give away to friends, sell online, or throw away. Whatever you decide it will be good, just make sure they do not end up somewhere on the field. As for packing, just use all the materials we mentioned earlier and pack at the pace you are most comfortable with. You will need a couple of days to pack everything so make sure you begin on time. Dedicate a whole weekend to it or pack gradually over the whole week. Whatever is easier for you. Just make sure you are fully packed and ready once the moving team arrives.

Budget and legalities

Now after you have read everything, you can sit down and figure out your moving budget. Include all the moving services, chores, errands, moving-related responsibilities, and estimates. Crunch your numbers and you will have your final moving price. Add to it a bit more for hidden and unexpected costs because there are always a few.

As for the legalities, you must check all your personal documents and make sure they are up to date and ready to be used once you relocate. Inspect your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, etc. Update all relevant parties about the change of address and start the transfer process for all services you want. You should set up a PO box on time and if you want to transfer Wi-Fi you must call your provider and sort it out. Do it all at least two weeks in advance but a month in advance would be much better.

We are done with the NC moving guide for all generations. You should be ready to tackle any relocation coming your way. Just make sure to find a legit and reputable moving company. Everything else you’ll manage somehow. Good luck and stay safe.


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