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Packing glassware when moving to Garner NC – tips & tricks

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Packing glassware when moving to Garner NC – tips & tricks

When packing for the move, you will have to do it right. Proper packing prevents your items from collisions and damage during transportation. In addition, the items stay safe in storage. However, when it comes to easily breakable items, you have to take a different packing approach. That’s why you shouldn’t rush with packing glassware when moving to Garner NC. Our team at Next Stop Movers prepared this ultimate guide to help you secure and pack all glass items properly. Once you do it, you won’t have to worry anymore. On the other hand, our movers stand at your disposal if you decide to leave the packing endeavor to them. As one of the most trusted moving companies in North Carolina, we put a strong emphasis on service quality. With us, you can expect only a hassle-free move done in a timely manner.

Mark a special day in your schedule for packing glassware for a Garner NC move

After choosing one of the best moving companies Garner NC offers, the next task that awaits you is a moving schedule. Organize your week (or weeks) according to your duties. However, make sure to delegate all relocation tasks evenly.  Don’t squeeze all of them in a few days. For example, mark one day for decluttering, and the next one for packing glassware. Also, don’t forget to buy as many necessary moving boxes as you need. Besides regular boxes, get special ones that add extra protection to breakable objects. That’s why dish packs with small separate compartments (or dish boxes) are perfect for glass items.

glassware objects
Packing glassware when moving to Garner NC has to be done with caution.

This would be your final shopping list of packing supplies:

  • different sizes of moving boxes
  • bubble wrap
  • packing paper 
  • crumpled paper
  • packing tape
  • scissors
  • scalpel
  • tape gun
  • spare clean fabric
  • permanent markers

Clean glassware before packing and cushion the boxes

Take time to thoroughly clean all your glass items. Wipe them with a dry cloth. Make sure there aren’t any stains left. Next, get a wide packing tape and secure the edges of each box. After that, use clean leftover fabric or crumpled paper to add extra cushioning. Glass objects are very sensitive, therefore you should do your best to prevent them from breaking. Don’t rush with packing, but rather take time with each item.

Start with the heaviest glass items then proceed with smaller ones

Gather bigger and heavier glass items on a table or any flat surface. Prepare packing layers of packing paper first, then lay a glass item on it. Carefully wrap it and make sure to roll and tuck. Sides of wider glass dishes hs to be secured. Repeat this with another layer of packing paper.

After you are done with bigger glassware, proceed with smaller ones. Glasses and smaller glass objects are easier to pack. Just roll them with a layer of packing paper. Make sure to fold it over the edges. Add another layer for additional protection. Use paper crumples to stuff all your glassware.

Final touches before sealing the lid

Carefully put the items one by one inside cushioned boxes. Pay attention if the items are making a contact as you are sorting them in the boxes. If you hear so-called “clunking” noise, that means you need to add more padding between the items or wrap them with another layer. It’s important to secure the least possible contact between glass items. Once you do it, cover the items with a layer of packing paper and bubble wrap. Then, cover with a clean fabric. Seal the lid and secure with packing tape cross-wise. You can repeat this up to several times to fully ensure the glassware won’t leave the box during transportation. As a final step, write with permanent markers on the boxes and be specific about what’s inside.

a man taping moving box
Secure the boxes with strong packing tape.

Professional services will save you plenty of time on packing  glassware for Garner NC relocation

If unsure whether to pack glassware by yourself, hire professional packing help. Although your total moving expenses may go up, the quality packing services Raleigh NC has on offer are convenient and cost-effective. The risk of damage is lower and you won’t have to spend additional money on buying new glass items. You can benefit from hiring pro packers due to the following reasons:

  • If this is your first time packing glassware for the move, packing services come in handy. It’s less likely something will go wrong.
  • In case you are juggling work duties and relocation tasks, you may not have enough time for packing. Or you will be too tired to pack anything properly. Therefore, make good use of quality packing services.
  • When relocating last-minute, many things can go wrong if you aren’t careful. On the other hand, hiring professional packers saves you a lot of headaches.

Your glassware will be safer in a quality storage unit

Whether you plan on refurbishing your new home or moving long-distance, you will need a decent storage unit. For these reasons, quality indoor storage is worth the coin. Even if moving to another city neighborhood, you shouldn’t exclude potential storage rental. Relocation delays are more often than not, and you never know if that may be your case. Instead of keeping moving boxes in DIY storage units, rather opt for decent storage Raleigh NC companies offer at reasonable rates.

storage unit doors
Invest in a decent storage unit.

Apart from properly packing glassware when moving to Garner NC, it’s equally important to keep all items safe. The biggest pro of modern storage units is the possibility to manage the temperature inside storage space. That way, glass items can safely wait for as long as necessary. Packing and storage are some of the most important tasks you will have to complete while preparing for the move. Therefore, it’s important not to rush and instead take time with each task.



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