Plumbing tips when moving house to NC

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Plumbing tips when moving house to NC

It’s always exciting to change a living space. Picking the perfect house means a lot of viewing, planning, and checking the object and new surroundings, no matter where your next stop is. If you decide to start a new life in North Carolina, let movers Durham NC help put your ideas into action! Apart from getting the best relocation service,  it’s essential to check the functionalities of the new home. Check out plumbing tips when moving house to NC and narrow your choice to the best picks! Location, enough living space, and fully functional installations are the top three on your search list. Make your new home a perfect blend of functional and beauty traits!

A woman reading a book in a bath tub
Mix comfort and utility – a winning plumbing tip when moving house!

To-do list for checking installations when switching home

Browsing all these beautiful houses can last forever. But make sure to spare time for thorough checks of the indoor elements as well. The nice garden and the outside are a huge plus, just don’t get distracted from other important things on your checklist. If you don’t have enough time for everything, moving companies in North Carolina can ease it up for you. Let the pros deal with other relocation activities and you’ll have more time for plumbing tips to check when moving house to NC. Here’s what to put on your checklist:

  • Kitchen installations
  • Bathroom equipment and plumbing
  • Walls and floors appearance
  • Overall pipe quality is a smart plumbing tip when moving house

Plumbing tips for new home kitchen checkup

You can have a fully equipped kitchen waiting for you in the new NC house. That’s amazing, as you won’t have to spend time and money on buying new items and appliances. But don’t overlook some spots in the kitchen that can indicate plumbing issues. Plumbing tip number one is to always check how the water flows from the tap. Look around and see if the stains appear anywhere on the wall or down the siphon. It’s most obvious to see if the water is dripping anywhere, but even then, check the whole sink and surrounding area. Better safe than sorry!

Kitchen sink and counter with a set of knives
Check if the tap is dripping in your new NC kitchen

Guidelines for checking bathroom area when moving house

Other places to potentially find unpleasant surprises are the bathroom and toilet area. Watery stains might not be immediately visible on tiles, so keep your eyes wide open. Inspect all bathroom elements and the floor around them. Check the drain and see if the water runs freely, without reaching the top of the drain or overflowing. Don’t forget to flush the toilet and assure it’s not clogged. Also, take a look at the toilet tank, to check if the level of water is on spot.

When it comes to upper elements, showerheads and faucets are the main indicators of plumbing issues. If you’re carrying your bathroom set or furniture moving companies in Clayton NC will be happy to help with packing and transfer. Your favorite shower and other elements will find their place in a new NC home in no time! After installing them, do a thorough check and see if there’s even the tiniest leakage when the water is running. It’s best to fix it immediately than to risk bigger damage and pay for more difficult repairs later.

Electrical installations go hand in hand with plumbing

While you’re in the bathroom, it’s smart to check the boiler and the way the water is heating. There are different types of boiler setups so put that among your plumbing guidelines for moving house. If available, ask for user manuals and all relevant documentation. Ideally, you should have the records of the last service date and if there was a replacement of some boiler parts.

It’s important to test both cool and hot water pressure and assure the boiler heating system is working properly. It may take some time, but follow the guidelines for checking installations when moving house to NC. Those extra steps will help you prevent future plumbing issues and assure safe and comfortable living.

Water stains in a living room? Not so warm welcome to a new house

Waterways are unpredictable and if there are any pipe issues, you can find wet stains anywhere in the house. Leakages are not only related to the bathroom and kitchen, so the best plumbing tips when moving house to NC include checking all rooms from top to bottom.

Apart from mold and stains that can damage the walls, exposed furniture can also get damaged if the leak breaks through. If you notice the stains and repairs are needed, put the furniture away until everything is ready. All your pieces will be safe in a climate controlled storage Raleigh NC until the leakage is fixed. No rush, as you can easily agree on storing up your belongings with a professional moving company. The items will remain undamaged and fresh!

Pipe checkup tips when moving house to NC

The pipe web is what interests you the most when moving to a new home. After checking for the leaks and assuring there are no visible stains, dig deeper. The most important plumbing tip when moving house is to find the main water and gas valve. You might need to turn it off in emergencies, so you should know where to find it.

Yellow shut off valve
Find the main valve – the first step in plumbing checkup

Also, it’s advisable to call a professional plumber to do the overall checkup of the valves and pipes. The slightest damage can cause huge problems if you don’t fix it in time, so it’s smart to invest in a deeper plumbing examination. Replace old pipes with new, better quality ones, and put your mind at ease. After all, the health and safety of you and your family come first!

Offers of houses in North Carolina can drive you away from your original checklist. They are so amazing! Try following plumbing tips for moving house to NC, and you won’t go wrong in choosing a nice and  comfortable place for your family. With trusted moving assistance and professional plumber examination, you are ready to step into a safe and cozy home. Have the first shower in the new bathroom with your mind at ease!


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