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Pros and cons of sharing a storage unit

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Pros and cons of sharing a storage unit

Renting storage is a popular trend for people from all walks of life, and the demand for it continuously increases. Long gone are the days when storage was a necessity of moving or a resource for big companies. Nowadays, house owners, freelancers, handymen, online shop owners, and many more, benefit from leasing a storage unit. This is a versatile and effective solution for getting the much-needed extra space. And if the size of your inventory or budget limitations are an issue, sharing a storage unit will enable you to gain access to more room all the same. However, this concept has its own pros and cons. As a premier storage provider, Next Stop Movers Raleigh NC will point out the major boons and banes of slicing up a storage unit with one or more companions. So, learn below if this option suits you, before committing to a shared storage lease.

Reasons to consider sharing a storage unit

Having a place for the safekeeping of any of your items is a modern-day commodity, and often a necessity. Can you possibly imagine pulling off a reconstruction project without climate controlled storage Raleigh NC? Probably not, because almost anything else you may think of will likely have a hitch. However, renting your own unit or splitting the storage space with another person are two options that may put you in dilemma. But before you pick one, it’s good to ensure you’re making an informed decision. 

A group of people in a warehouse
If you decide on sharing a storage unit, make sure your companion is reliable and trustworthy

First of all, let’s see why people are sharing depository. Naturally, individual reasons will vary. But, the most common reason would be the budget. Sharing the rent comes out cheaper than paying it all oneself. Besides, some storage leases don’t allow you the flexibility to utilize the unit for a short time. In this case, you may want to share a unit with someone that is a long-term user. And whatever your reasons for splitting a storage unit may be, ensure you know what to expect from it.

Who can be your partner for portioning a storage unit?

The majority of storage facilities offer leases for individuals only. This means that no matter how many of you are on to using the same unit, only one will have the key, and will be held legally liable for the lease. This is why expert interstate movers Raleigh NC strongly advise picking your storage unit roommates with thoughtful considerations. So, make sure that the person or people you intend to share storage space with are someone that you can fully trust.

Of course, partnering up with someone you don’t know isn’t against the rules, but it’s up to you if you’d feel comfortable or not. Either way, ask your friends, colleagues, or family members first, and if they aren’t using or don’t need a storage unit anytime soon, check your other options.

The pros and cons of sharing a storage unit

Banknotes, a calculator, notepad and a pen
Saving up on rent is one of the major benefits of shared storage

Like anything in life, so does depository sharing has its trade-offs. And, what might be an advantage for some, to others will be a drawback. For many years our commercial movers Raleigh NC have been helping people with maximizing the conveniences of quality storage. And they have a thorough knowledge of what you should consider when thinking about subdividing storage space. Below are the pros and cons listed separately. So, take note, and decide what’s best for you.

Advantages of leasing depository with other people

A handshake
Make sure to evaluate all the pros and cons of shared storage, before striking a deal

Let’s say you have some stuff you want to put off. But, the bundle isn’t really that big, so renting storage space isn’t a cost-effective solution. Or, you’ve rented a unit that is half empty, and you keep paying the full rent. Then, you could benefit from a storage unit roommate. Of course, it’s important to put in some research before renting your storage unit. And it’s equally important to consider whom are you going to be sharing it with. Hence, if you pick a good partner you can trust, you’ll be able to enjoy the perks of sharing a depository, while the cons of these provisions are going to be significantly pushed to the back. Well then, what are the pros of shared storage units?

  • Affordability. Due to the shared costs of the rent, sharing a storage unit is more economical than renting on your own.
  • You can help out a close one. Perhaps some of your friends or relatives are in the middle of a house reconstruction, and they are looking for a place to stash their items away. They may need storage for a week or two, and can’t afford to rent a whole unit for such a short while. If your unit is big enough, you can help them out. This is not to say you have to, but this kind of small good deeds have their way of returning to you when you least expect them.
  • Save time. When you have items in safekeeping away from home, is somewhat of an obligation to check on them regularly. But, if you share a depot with a close one, they may save you the trip to the facility on some occasions.

Disadvantages of shared storage space

Depending on whom you decide to share with, storage companionship can come with certain cons as well. Here’s what to consider before deciding.

  • Only one person has a key. And is legally responsible in connection to the lease too. So, at times, this can cause disputes. If you’re the renter, can you fully trust your partner to not cause any issues while you’re not in the unit with them?
  • You’ll need permission to access the unit. When you share a depot, you can’t access it any time at your leisure. First, it could be that you don’t have the key. And second, privacy is as important as safety when you’re using a slice of space in a storage unit. It’s common for people who share to have upfront time arrangements, so they make the visits together.
  • Disputes over splitting the costs. At times, people like to get punctilious if it helps them to cut costs even more. Hence, who is using how much space, and who has more items may come on the table when the rent payment is due. Therefore, make sure that you agree upon the payment part before you venture into sharing a depository.

In summary, these are the pros and cons of sharing a storage unit you should pay attention to. So, take note, and make the decision that will benefit you most. Good luck.

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