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Quiet Places in NC Retirees Will Love

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Quiet Places in NC Retirees Will Love

Considering a place to retire to is a big decision. There are many aspects that you need to consider before making the final call. North Carolina is one of the great places where you can retire. But, it is so big that you need to make a smaller selection. We will give you a review of the top quiet places in NC retirees will love. After that, moving companies in North Carolina will be more than happy to assist you in your relocation process. Making this decision is no easy task, so we are going to help you out!

Spring Lake

Many retirees come to Spring Lake each year. The reason is simple: you can live your life as you want without having to worry that you will break your bank. It is a nice, calm, and quiet place where you can spend your life in peace without thinking that it is going to change. Low living costs are certainly something that will make you consider this place your new place of living!

Raleigh – among the great quiet places in NC retirees will love

Even though this is a much bigger place with around 475,000 residents, it is still a quiet place where you can retire to. The reason is simple:

  • There are many golf courts where you can enjoy your free time with your friends
  • You have more than 8000 acres of parks and other green areas where you can do whatever pleases you
  • One of the most modern and advanced libraries in the world
  • Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve is made for retirees that want to escape from the big-city feel

However, before you get moving services Raleigh from moving companies, you have to understand that this is still a city. Not too big, not too small but you need to have in mind that you may have to use the traffic which can be big sometimes.

raleigh is among quiet places in nc retirees will love
Explore everything that Raleigh has to offer to you

Wake Forest

We have reached the middle ground when talking about quiet places in North Carolina that retirees love. The middle ground is the number of residents here. It is around 45,000, and that means that this is not either too big or too small. It will give you the feeling that you are looking for.

The best thing is that most residents own their own homes, with around 75%. The price of real estate is on the spot, and you should not have too much trouble finding something for yourself. After that, all you are left with to do is to find movers Wake Forest NC, that will take care of you and your belongings, and it is it. Believe us, this is a great place overall, and you will have no problems adapting to it!


Quiet does not mean small, and this is the case with Durham, North Carolina. What we mean is that this place can offer you everything a small and a big place can. The big reason why many retirees choose this place is due to Duke’s lifelong education program. That means that you can start where you have left off with your education for a much lower price.

Another great thing is that you will not have to worry too much about the weather in this place. You will be able to experience all four seasons where none of them is too extreme for most people. On top of that, you can use that great weather to enjoy some golfing or go to some of the many green surfaces in this great place. All in all, this is a great place to retire to where you will not feel bored any minute of your life!

duke university in Durham
Durham is one of the quiet places in NC retirees will love


Another smaller place NC retirees love. It can give you anything that any smaller place can give you, peace and quietness that you so desperately want to have. However, you do not want to live this until the end. What we mean is that you may want to go to a bigger city and do something there.

Well, with Apex, you are close to bigger cities where you will not lose a lot of time to get there. Even though smaller, you can find a good Apex NC moving company that will give you a pleasant moving experience. Make sure to pick the right one, or you will experience a larger amount of stress than you could have.

Holly Springs

It is no strange thing that smaller places are quiet places in NC that retirees will love. This place, with around 36,000 residents, is a perfect place just for you. However, before you start looking for moving companies Holly Springs NC that will transfer you here, you want to know what you are getting once you move.

You are getting a safe place to live. You will not have to turn your head at night at any time. Everything is safe, and people all around you are friendly. Also, once people get to a certain age, they do not want to spend all their money on one thing. You will not have to do this here. The price of real estate is affordable, and you should have no problems finding and paying for your dream house. So, make sure to include Holly Springs on your list of the best places that NC retirees will like!

Want to retire and still run a business? There is room for that too!

Not everyone wants to retire and do nothing. There are people that would like to run their businesses and relax at the same time. Of all of these places, Raleigh and Durham are certainly the best due to the competition. You are more competitive here, and you have more chances for success. But you want to have commercial movers Raleigh NC, too, on top of residential ones because this type of move is trickier. Have this in mind when making a hard decision like this one.

an empty office
Retiring does not have to mean that you can’t own a business

Make your own selection of quiet places in NC retirees will love and organize a move

As you can see, the state of North Carolina is full of places to retire. However, the decision is hard, and you should not rush it at all costs. Take your time, make your own list of quiet places in NC retirees will love, and decide in peace. Making a mistake can be a big problem, and you certainly do not want to make it!

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