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The usual challenges of family relocations from Raleigh to Apex

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The usual challenges of family relocations from Raleigh to Apex

You have decided that you want to change something and you want to move. It is a beautiful decision when 2023 is just around the corner. One of the solutions is moving from Raleigh to Apex NC. Both are great places but if you have decided that you want to move to Apex, you need to be aware of some challenges of family relocations from Raleigh to Apex. Naturally, it is not all about North Carolina movers that are going to relocate you. There are many other challenges that you want to handle before they turn into problems. So, here are some of the usual challenges that you need to take care of!

Challenge of finding the right neighborhood in Apex, NC

The first challenge that people have when having a family relocate to Apex from Raleigh is the challenge of finding the right place to live. It is the first thing you have to take care of before hiring moving companies Apex NC handles the moving process after. Apex is not that big of a place, with around 62000 residents but it is still big enough for it to have to offer a few great neighborhoods for families. It is a great place to raise children so you should definitely seek this opportunity.

a woman calculating costs of family relocations from Raleigh to Apex
Take a look into the costs of living in Apex, NC

When it comes to neighborhoods you want to raise your family in, it is vital for them to be safe. You do not want to worry all the time whether something will happen. So, here is one of the best Apex neighborhoods that you should choose:

  • Haddon Hall
  • Carriage Downs
  • Salem Oaks
  • Brookshire Manor
  • Scotts Laurel

The good thing is that they all offer something to you. Some are more affordable while some are not but that is why one o the most important tasks is checking them out and deciding where you want to move.

Costs of everyday living are one of the challenges of family relocations from Raleigh to Apex

Another crucial thing when moving to Apex NC is checking out the costs of living in Apex. Even though this is not that big of a place, as we have previously stated, it is still a place where the price of real estate is high enough. This just means that more and more people are seeking to move with their families every year.

More on housing costs

The median home value in Apex is $610,243. The good thing is that it is not that high considering that you are moving with a family from Raleigh. Renting is usually much more affordable, the median value is $1,723 for approximately 1042 square feet. It is certainly more than enough to live with a family, no matter how big or small it may be. With a family of four, you should expect to spend around $2355 for everyday costs, excluding rent.

Education can be problematic in Apex, NC

When raising a family, you want them to get the best possible education, right? Well, it is one of the big challenges when moving with a family from Raleigh to Apex. Raleigh is a much bigger place. It is a place with around 469,124 people, which means that it is a big educational center. You can get higher education without having to leave the place. Some of the places where most students go are Meredith College, North Carolina State University, Shaw University, Campbell Law School, and many more.

books in library
There are no big schools in Apex

On the other hand, Apex, NC is a different story. Besides K-12 Public School System and other private and charter schools, there is not that much to think about. Naturally, these schools are some of the best in North Carolina. They will offer the best school experience and knowledge by the time your children have to go to college!

Recreation is important for families when moving to another place

Moving to a smaller place with a family, like moving from Raleigh to Apex, you should also learn about recreation. Bigger places usually offer more recreational areas which are important for raising a family. For example, there are tons of recreational areas in Raleigh like Pullen Park (which is exclusive for kids), Dorothea Dix Park, Lake Johnson Park, Lake Crabtree County Park, and many others.

Even though there are fewer areas in Apex, it is still a viable place when having a family move from Raleigh to Apex. Jordan Lake State Recreation Area, Crowder District Park, and American Tobacco Trail are some of the most known recreational areas in Apex NC. All in all, even though Apex is much smaller, there are certainly a good amount of parks and other green areas where you can enjoy some free time with your family!

people having fun
Fewer recreational areas are in Apex and it can be a problem for family relocations from Raleigh to Apex

The biggest challenge of family relocations from Raleigh to Apex is the move itself

Of course, the biggest problem with moving is moving. Actually, the moving process. It is hard enough when you are moving alone but it is even harder when relocating with a family. The reason for this is the fact that you will have to split your energy into several places. You have to organize the move, to take care of children and their needs and it can be even exhausting for some people. The good thing is that by choosing the right moving services in Raleigh from reputable movers, you can ensure that everything goes smoothly.

These two places are not that far away, only 12 miles. But, it can easily turn into a big problem if you have a lot of heavy and bulky items to move. For example, furniture represents the most common and the biggest problem for people. As we have said, do not try to move alone since you can always find furniture movers in Raleigh NC to help you out.


These are certainly some of the most common challenges of family relocations from Raleigh to Apex. It is crucial for you to memorize them so that you could know what to do in order to prevent them from becoming big problems. You now have everything in your hands and you can start preparing for your family’s move to Apex, NC!


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