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Things you should never keep in your storage unit

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Things you should never keep in your storage unit

Renting a storage unit is a fantastic solution to solve the lack of space issue. When choosing a facility, you’d like to ensure it’s safe, clean, and offers adequate conditions for the safekeeping of your specific items. Storage has versatile usage and it allows you to keep a wide diversity of items safely and off your way. While you may get creative with your storage space, you should know that there are many written and unwritten rules in regard to your storage lease. There are numerous things you should never keep in your storage unit. Our experts at Next Stop Movers Raleigh will share some of those in today’s article. As for the reasons for this, they may range from safety to hygiene concerns. Keep reading, and find out all you need to know.

What are the things you should never keep in your storage unit?

The need for safe and clean storage is an ever-growing necessity of today. While your trusted movers Apex NC will provide you with quality solutions befitting the specific requirement of your items, you should do your due diligence and ensure your optimal, safe user experience. Namely, there is a long list of items you shouldn’t think of depositing in your storage unit. Some of these might be obvious, like, flammable liquids and ammunition. Others may seem harmless but are sure to cause a horror movie scene if kept in storage. So, let’s look at some of the things that are inadequate for safekeeping in a storage unit.

  • Hazardous materials
  • Valuables
  • Food
  • Animals and plants
  • Illicit substances
  • Unregistered vehicles
  • Wet and scented items
Gold bars in a storage facility
Refrain from depositing irreplaceable valuables in a conventional storage facility

Keeping dangerous materials in storage is prohibited by law

Most storage providers have legally prohibited from safekeeping any substances that are flammable, prone to explosions, or pose health risks to humans. So, the list of hazardous materials you should never keep in your storage unit is rather long. However, it’s not all that difficult to guess what some of these substances would be. Some of them include chemicals, acids, fuels, insecticides, liqueurs, medical waste, and so on. Naming them all here isn’t possible. But, you can, and you should talk to your climate controlled storage Raleigh NC provider for closer information. This way, you’ll be sure about the things you shouldn’t keep in your storage,  and ensure a safe and healthy environment for yourself and other storage users.

You should never keep your irreplaceable valuables in your storage unit

Well-established storage providers have a reputation to uphold. Therefore, if you choose your storage provider thoughtfully, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of your deposited items. However, there are certain things you should refrain from safekeeping in storage. For instance, these might be jewelry, money, and personal documents.

Now, you may hire your expert piano movers Raleigh NC and keep your precious instrument in storage. But, note that in this case your treasure will be placed in a unit with adequate conditions, specially intended for the purposes of safekeeping a piano. Also, if you intend to deposit your artwork, you should be aware that storage units aren’t one size fits all safekeeping solutions. The paints of your artwork are flammable, and the canvas may expand due to changes in temperature. So, there are several risks involved in keeping this seemingly harmless inventory in storage. Hence, always do thorough research and consult your provider before storing any of your inventory in a depot. As for personal documents and unique irreplaceable items, it’s better to keep them near you, or renting a safe in a bank vault.

Things you should never keep in your storage unit – food and perishables

Needless to say, food can go bad in a relatively short time frame. Once this happens, bacteria and fungus start spreading like a wildfire. Cleanliness and hygiene are an important features to look for when choosing a storage unit. So, it’s easy to imagine why storage is not the best place for keeping food and other perishables in. Besides, food products tend to attract rodents and other critters, who will damage not just yours, but the inventory of neighboring units as well.

A pantry
Among the most obvious things you should never keep in your storage unit is food and perishable goods

Storage units aren’t adequate for keeping living things in

A warehouse is an inadequate place for leaving your pet even for a short amount of time. The whys on this are pretty much self-explanatory. Besides, you should never keep plants in a depot either. First, even climate-controlled units can’t provide adequate conditions, such as sunshine and fresh air. Besides, your leafy friends attract bugs and insects that will surely create a whole host of problems in a storage room. Thus, never deposit anything that has life on its own in storage intended for the safekeeping of various other objects that will benefit from it.

It goes against the policy of your lease to keep illegal substances in storage

Smuggled tobacco or alcohol, unlicensed medicine and even cannabis that’s been recently legalized can’t be stored in a warehouse. This simply isn’t legal, and it’s against the user policy of any reputable storage provider. Of course, similar substances aren’t supposed to be in your possession, let alone stored in your leased unit.

A storage facility
It’s unlawful to keep illicit substances and unregistered vehicles in a storage facility

Never keep wet and scented items in your storage space

When storing your belongings, you need to ensure they are in their prime condition, so you’ll get them nice and fresh once you decide to retrieve them from the depot unit. Provide the best care to your possessions by enlisting an expert team for pro packing services Raleigh NC. Besides, make sure that none of the items you intend to store is wet or dump, as this is a surefire way to ruin them to the point of no recovery. Moreover, mold and bacteria love moisture, and they need it to spread. Thus, among the things you should never keep in your storage unit are wet items.

Also, items with delicate scents are great to have but aren’t exactly adequate for placing in storage. Namely, the scent attracts rodents and insects that certainly have the appetite to feast on your possessions.

Prepare for depositing your items

As you may tell, storing your belongings requires a good deal of understanding the potential risks at stake. So, do your part and put some effort to prepare your items for storage in the right way. Besides, read your lease agreement to figure what you are and aren’t allowed to do in your unit. It’s best to talk to your storage provider and make close inquiries about the safety precautions in regards to the items you intend to store. This is the best way to get reliable info and keep yourself, and your storage neighbors, on the safe side.

In conclusion, take your lead from the text above, and get a clear picture of the things you should never keep in your storage unit. Then, further your research, and ensure your positive storage user experience. Good luck.









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