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Tips for Moving from Holly Springs to Wake Forest With Your Pet

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Tips for Moving from Holly Springs to Wake Forest With Your Pet

You’ve decided to move from Holly Springs to Wake Forest. We understand as one of the more reliable moving companies in Raleigh NC. Even if this is just 102 miles it can feel like more than a thousand; this will be even harder on your pet. This is why it is crucial that you discover what Wake Forest has to offer to your pet, and how to prepare for the relocation. So here are the top tips for moving from Holly Springs to Wake Forest with your pet.

Welcome to Wake Forest- a pets heaven

If you still haven’t decided how you’re going to move with your pet to Wake Forest, think about hiring the best moving companies in Holly Springs NC. Wake Forest is a wonderful pet-friendly place and there are plenty of things to do around. Depending on what you have there are plenty of pet shops and places like restaurants that you can visit. Today, we’ll focus on the best pet stores that you can find in the area. If you’re looking for the best store when it comes to aquariums and fish there is The Urban Anemone. Here you’ll find the best supplies and advice in all of Wake Forest. On the other hand, if you need the best dog daycare center in Wake Fores you can visit Audrey’s Barkyard.

A woman with a pet dog typing on her laptop;
There are plenty of good pet stores and other places for your pets, especially dogs and cats.

If your pets need a good bath, you can take them to Dirty Dogs Spa. The staff is really friendly here and you can groom your dogs. Also, there is a Petco Dog Training where you can train your dogs. Now if you want a fancy pet store check out the PetPeople by Hollywood Feed. Although PetPeople by Hollywood Feed is located in Raleigh so you can it while you’re going to your storage.

Overall the place is filled with places for pets, especially dogs. If you’re moving your big aquariums or dog/cat toys and carriers, consider taking some of the best storage in Raleigh NC. You can store your items while you get your new house ready.

A place for you and your pet in Wake Forest

The top suburban place to move to in 2023 is Wake Forest. So here are some things to know first of all it has a charming and unique Downton area. Here you can find many different restaurants and if you’re into beers there’s a famous White Stree Brewery. Falls Lake is amazing and it’s close so during the spring you can enjoy swimming with your dog and riding a boat. Good thing is that the town is back on its feet since more and more people are coming in and more restaurants are opening. If you need any help with apartment moving service we’ve got your back.

Young people having a picnic with a dog in a park;
There are plenty of open and closed spaces for your pets in Wake Forest.

Not only this but you’ll find a lot of pet-friendly options. First of all here are all restaurants that are pet friendly that we could find:

  • Wake Forest Coffee
  • Village Deli & Grill
  • The Burger Shop
  • Stewart’s Bistro
  • Shuckers Grill & Oyster Bar
  • Pelican’s Snoballs and many more.

Here are some pet-friendly breweries: Unwined on White, Norse Brewing Company, and Lonerider Brewing Company. Some pet-friendly attractions include ArtWalk Wake Forest, E. Caroll Joyner Park, and The Cotton Company. The ArtWalk Wake Forest is opened for dogs every Friday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, so make sure to check it out as soon as you relocate.

Tips when moving with pets

We’ve already told you the first tip and that’s to contact your vet. This is a must even if you’re moving from one town to another they should take a look at your pet before you move. Another good trick is to hire professional movers because they’ll pack everything fast and the animal won’t be stressed at all. Did you know that professional movers can pack the whole 3-bedroom house in under 3 hours? So just imagine how much time would it take you to pack the whole apartment with the dog or cat jumping around; that’s why this way you can take a walk or say goodbye to your friends.

A woman kissing her dog while thinking about moving from Holly Springs to Wake Forest with your pet;
When moving from Holly Springs to Wake Forest with your pet give them as much attention as they need.

Small dogs and cats can be transported in a carrier that can be buckled up in the rear seat. If the dog is too big you should put down the seats. You can try and cover your animal carrier with a blanket since this way they’ll be more relaxed, but try this because some animals might be frighted even more. If you’re traveling a long distance you should prepare a night kit; these are available in pet stores but you can also make them yourself. You should pay as much attention to your pet once you reach your new home. Let it explore and wonder until it gets used to it. Put some familiar toys, blankets, etc. in its corner so it can feel “like home” once again. Our advice is that you should do something like this too; create your own little corner.

Additional tips for moving from Holly Springs to Wake Forest with your pet

Dogs and cats are some of the easiest pets that you can move. But still, you should keep their routine as close as possible, especially on a moving day. If they have a special time and part of the day when they’re used to walking, consider that too. If they have specific “peeing and other habits” don’t forget about them because you don’t things to get all graphical and messy on the road.

So you better make a quick pause if you see something odd happening with our pet. Your dog can benefit from mental stimulation and enrichment. This helps them practice acceptable behavior rather than resorting to destructive behavior out of boredom or anxiety. Luckily, there are ways to calm pets’ anxiety when moving, so make sure to check them out.

A vet holding a dog;
Talking to the vet before and after moving is crucial.

When you consider moving with your pet you should check your pet and your contact info as well. This is referring to the microchip and also trying to schedule an appointment with the new vet. So you can ask around or google for some of the best vets in Wake Forest. Or you can ask your vet in Holly Springs if he can recommend any good vets for you.

Consider the cost of living before you relocate

Most popular moving companies in Wake Forest NC will help you relocate here since the cost of living is lower than in Holly Springs.  The median house price is $369,000 and the median price for a family home is $577,000. Also, you should know that 31% of all homes sold in Wake Forest are new construction which means that the city is expanding.  There are a lot of apartment complexes if you wish to rent and the median rent price is $1,337/per month. The average is $173.01/month which is exactly like in Holly Springs; also average prices for gas and phone bills are as those in Holly Springs. Healthcare costs are 3% higher than the national average.

Front of the house;
Costo of living is somewhat similar to Holly Springs.

The cost of living in Holly Springs is just 2% higher than the national average. The housing prices are 8% higher than the national average; the median house price is $431,319. While the median rent isn’t that high as well it’s just $1,318/month. Now if we take a look at the grocery costs in Holly Springs they are 9% less expensive than those nationwide.  Also, the price of gas is $4.04 which is not that high and the average energy bill is $173.01/month; while the phone bill is $190.38/month. Also, the cost of healthcare is 3% more expensive in Holly Springs than it is nationwide. These are all things that need to be considered carefully prior to relocating, so you won’t have any surprises along the way.

Final thoughts on moving from Holly Springs to Wake Forest with your pet

Moving from Holly Springs to Wake Forest with your pet can be a fun experience if you plan it properly. Organize your move, make sure to check out the cost of living in Wake Forest, and prepare your pet. A quick visit to the vet and some shopping prior to the move day can ease up the whole process. And remember, if moving is stressful for you, it can also be stressful for your pet. Make sure to contact a great moving company like Next Stop Movers who will understand that moving with your cat or dog is something that might require special care. Once you have everything figured out, have fun with your pet in Wake Forest!

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