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Tips for packing your artwork for storage in Raleigh NC

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Tips for packing your artwork for storage in Raleigh NC

It doesn’t matter if you are coming to, or leaving Raleigh NC. There is one thing that is unmistakable. North Carolina is such a wonderful state, and you are going to absolutely love it. Especially, if you are an artist. Those beautiful landscapes can never leave you indifferent. Surely, you will get a lot of inspiration for your designs and illustrations. Plus, packing your artwork for storage in Raleigh NC will not be so hard at all. Moving and storage Raleigh NC can offer you plenty of solutions for every problem. You will also receive a free and precise relocation estimate.

Firstly, let’s find out why is storage so significant

You don’t want to happen to realize that you don’t have enough space in the middle of moving and packing. Then the mess starts to bump in. For this kind of problem, storage Raleigh NC is a simple answer. One of the biggest pros of a service like this one is the next thing. All your belongings will remain safe, clean, and ready for next use. Plus, the price is very favorable. How do the relocation companies manage to do it? They have special units whose climate is controlled all the time. You will be able to declutter your home and protect your belongings. This will all result in higher productivity and a lack of stress.

Before packing your artwork for storage in Raleigh NC grab as many packing supplies as possible

In order to begin successful preparations for the upcoming packaging, go to the nearest store. You are going to need a lot of supplies. Don’t hesitate to spend some additional money on it, because it will definitely be worth it. Old art collections can be very sensitive. So, the right material is absolutely necessary. Purchase the next items:

  • Tape ducts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sharpies
  • Moving blankets
  • Bags
  • Parchment papers
  • Different size boxes

If you are feeling unsure and insecure about can you handle it, call moving companies Garner NC. They will make everything more comfortable. Plus, you can choose between partial or full packing services.

 Packing your artwork for storage in Raleigh NC is not hard if two people are doing it
Before you begin preparing, go to the nearby store and get everything you will require.

It’s essential to prepare your collection with maximum care or to hire a professional moving company

No matter if your sculptures, paintings, pictures, or graphic arts are old or new, one thing is certain. In order to successful packing your artwork for storage in Raleigh NC, do it with extreme caution. Because these are delicate matters, it is easy for something unexpected to occur. But, if you follow these steps, nothing like it will happen. Before storing, make sure your painting or artwork is totally dried, and don’t use a protective lacquer. On the other hand, it’s easier to let the professional do their job. At least you will know everything will go perfectly. Movers Hillsborough NC offers a wide range of services. And your precious will get to the storage units in the best shape.

Tips for packing your painting for storage units in Raleigh NC

Before setting the painting down, measure and cut enough parchment paper to go around the entire front and back of your canvases. After that, lay your canvas down and begin wrapping the edges of the paper over it. This kind of paper is great since it does not adhere to your canvas. Otherwise, it might cause paint to be removed. It also prevents extraneous things from interfering with or damaging the artwork during transportation, such as rain or spills. Secure the paper around the painting using tape. Make sure the tape doesn’t get on the canvas. For extra protection, place bubble wrap over it. Wrap the bubble wrap over the canvas in the same manner that you wrapped the paper, then fasten it with tape. To keep your canvas in one location, place it in the appropriate size box and cover any gaps with foam or a blanket.

A girl with the painting
Packing your artwork for storage in Raleigh NC is not a problem if you follow our steps for paintings.

You should use a similar packing technique for sculptures

Enrich your artistic life and learn how to make a sculpture. A little inspiration is always a big plus. On the other hand, a packing technique for sculptures is quite simple. Instead of paper, you are going to use a lot of bubble wrap. Wrap it over the top of the sculpture and tape it down. Do the same for the bottom. If necessary, follow these steps around the middle. When you’re completed, make sure everything is thoroughly covered in bubble wrap and sealed with no gaps. On all edges, your enclosure should be several inches bigger than your sculpture. This is a very important part of packaging your artwork. The bottom of the box should be filled with a substance that prevents the sculpture from shifting through the box and settling on the bottom. After you put it in the box, fill in the blanks. Also, for moving the sculptures, you can use moving blankets. Your artwork is going to be safe and sound until they reach their final destination.

White Buddha on the floor
Be gentle while packing your sculptures. Otherwise, they will fall through the box and break.

Don’t forget to label the boxes for storage in Raleigh NC

The moving professionals will give their maximum in order to maintain your belongings. But, you should label them and your boxes for easier navigation. If you want to take something from the storage, it will be easier for you like this. Also, you will facilitate the work of employees in companies. After you are done with packing, grab the markers and mark the packages. If something is very sensitive, use additional special labels.

As you saw, packing your artwork for storage in Raleigh NC is not such a big deal. Your collection is ready to move now. If you have a deadline, don’t forget to start early. For especially big objects, you should use extra help. Call your friends and family and let’s work!


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