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Tips for storing Christmas decorations

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Tips for storing Christmas decorations

 When you think about the holidays and that time of the year when everything is shiny, you cannot but get excited. But one of the worst things that include the time after holidays is not going back to work. It is storing Christmas decorations. That is why there are a few tips that you can use in order to make it a little less painful. This is a piece of good news. That is why you need to find some of the best moving companies in North Carolina that will offer you renting storage facilities and maybe make it easier for you to do this awful job.

Where to start?

Most people usually wait until the last moment to put away their Christmas decorations. Do not be that type of person. Not that it will be a heavy job, it will also take a lot of your time. And you do not want to spend the last evening of your days off packing and storing decorations. The best solution for you is to check and rent climate controlled storage Raleigh NC has.

Why is it important to have climate-controlled storage when storing Christmas decorations?

Well, the one and only reason for this is to keep your ornaments and the tree in the same condition throughout the year. Or at least through the time that they will be in storage. You must think about the fact that you are about to use these decorations the next year too. So, packing them and leaving them in a safe place is essential if you want to keep them fresh and in good shape for the next year.

Santa Clause decoration
When you are storing Christmas decorations think about renting storage

How to pack ornaments while storing Christmas decorations?

The first thing you need to decide is how do you want your ornaments to be packed. You can pack them in different ways:

  • by color,
  • by size,
  • the room in which they are hanging and
  • with or without the rest of the decorations.

Each and every single way of listed ones requires some packing and professional tips for avoiding it getting broken. And if you are packing for the relocation after Christmas, you need to label the boxes with the ornaments so that some of the best moving companies Clayton NC has, once they sent their best movers, will know what does the box contains.

Make sure that you have labeled the boxes. Write on the box blue, for example, if inside are the blue ornaments. Or just make sure that you label them in a way that you will recognize once the unpacking comes again. You will also need to write down if something is breakable.

What to do with breakable items?

One of the best pieces of advice that you can get from movers from one of the best moving companies Durham NC has is to be careful. Take good care about the items that are easy to break or that are made of glass. A lot of people have some Christmas decorations that have been there long in generations and that have a great emotional value.

If you have some kind of Christmas decorations like this, make sure that you pack them properly. This means that each and every item needs to be packed in some fine cloth before being placed in the box. The box must be firm. It cannot be a carton box. It must be the one that will keep it from damage during the transport.

If you are going to store your Christmas decorations in your garage, it is the same case. The box must be water proof and it needs to protect the ornaments from all the rats that might show up. 

Before storing Christmas decoration, person is holding it very carefully
Make sure that the ornaments that are made of glass are packed in the proper way.

How to pack a Christmas tree?

If packing the Christmas tree is something that worries you the most, you are going to be happy when you hear that packing the tree for storage is very simple. All you have to do is take this advice.

If the tree can break into a few smaller pieces, do it. Wrap with the air bubble protection in each part. Then pack the parts all together in the new air bubbled wrap and voila! Your Christmas tree is all packed.

But if your Christmas tree is in one piece and it cannot be apart into smaller pieces, the process is the same. Just wrap it really tight. Make sure that each and every part of the tree is wrapped. You do not want the water or some other things to damage it.

DIY projects for storing Christmas decoration

If you like to store and separate your Christmas decoration, there are a few DIY projects on Pinterest that you will love. One of the most popular ones is to use the carton from the eggs. In every hole, you can place the ornament that is in the shape of a ball. You can even paint the carton in the color of the ornaments. This is something you can even give to your kids to do. Besides the fact that it will keep them busy, it will also give you more time to deal with some other wrapping and packing. 

Golden ball ornament on tree
Try some DIY projects that your kids can do too for storing Christmas decorations.

If you are looking for tips for storing Christmas decorations, there are a few ways to do it. All you have to do is find some time and make sure you pack them and store them in the right way. This is important because you will need them once again next year. If you are storing them for the relocation, make sure you find a reliable moving company that will take good care of our boxes. All of these are really important. Do not think of storing the ornaments and the decorations as one of the heavy and sad tasks. Plan the decorations for the next year and plan maybe on buying new ones that will match.



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