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Top places in NC for job seekers

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Top places in NC for job seekers

The state of North Carolina is not usually associated with a “job-seeker haven”. However, there are numerous places in the state that provide ample job opportunities, as well as great socio-economic conditions. If you are looking to hire Next Stop Movers Raleigh to relocate you to a place where you can find a job easily, we’ve compiled a list of some of the places in NC for job seekers that require your attention. We will provide you with some statistics about each area, as well as with some of the interesting facts about each city.

The top 6 places in NC for job seekers

Without any further ado, here’s the list of all the best places in NC to find a job:

  • Raleigh
  • Clayton
  • Garner
  • Charlotte
  • Winston-Salem
  • Greensboro

Note that these places are not ranked but each presents unique opportunities. All of them have something special to offer for a job seeker. Whether it is a high median income, low housing prices, low costs of living, or anything else, each one of these cities is a great fit for anyone that is looking to find a job.

woman working in an office
These cities offer fantastic job opportunities!


We chose to start with one of the more famous NC cities, Raleigh. According to, Raleigh holds the #17 spot in the list of the best cities to live in the entire country. Its 465,000 residents enjoy amazing statistics across the board. Being a large city, you will have access to just about any amenities or services that you can think of. It may not be New York, but there’s everything you might require.

The median home value in the city is not that high, considering all the benefits you receive. On average, you can secure a home purchase for around $250,000. And if you choose to rent a place to live, expect to pay a median rent of about $1,130. Just remember to add the expense of renting one of the storage Raleigh NC options if you are downsizing. As far as the economical situation and job availability in Raleigh go, the city is in really good shape. The job market is strong and there are plenty of jobs available in most sectors. Its residents enjoy a higher-than-national-average median income of around $67,300. While this may not sound all too much, you have to consider that living in Raleigh is much less expensive than living in one of the extra-large cities such as New York or San Francisco.

Even though Raleigh is the 2nd largest city in NC, it still features a dense urban-suburban mix. This means that you can find a place to live that is away from the crowds and traffic while having easy access to all of the amenities that create them in the first place.


Sometimes dubbed as the “#1 place to live in Johnston County“, Clayton has plenty of good things going for it. As Raleigh’s suburb, you get everything that the big city has to offer but without any of the associated hustle and bustle. Needless to say, you will need to spend less on housing, as the median home value in Clayton is just shy of $193,000. The median rent is also lower, standing at about $1,090. If you are relocating to the area, you might want to consider hiring one of the moving companies Clayton NC has to offer, as they might be able to provide you with a better price. Speaking of prices, living in Clayton is also less expensive than living in Raleigh proper.

However, the median income in the area is somewhat lacking. The residents earn a median household income of about $62,7000, which is just shy of the national average. While you do have access to all the jobs in Raleigh, that usually means longer commute times. But if you are doing remote work, living in Clayton might mean that you will spend less of your monthly income on living expenses.

a house in Clayton
Clayton is an amazing place to live.


Another Raleigh suburb, Garner is a smaller community of around 30,000 residents. The main draw is the open spaces, great diversity, and highly-rated public schools. The median home value in Garner is even lower than in Clayton, and it currently stands at about $190,000. However, the median rent is actually higher, being at around $1,130. Most people in Garner tend to own their homes partly because of this fact.

Working in Garner earns its households a median income of about $65,000, which is among the highest in Raleigh’s suburbs. Most of the moving companies Garner NC has on offer report many more people relocating to the area than from it. Which is clearly a great indication of how good living and working in Garner is.

One of the best places in NC for job seekers – Charlotte

The largest city in North Carolina is undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to finding a job. There’s plenty of work to be had in a city this large, after all. As with most of the NC cities, Charlotte offers a suburban-urban mix to it, with plenty of open spaces. The median home value is similar to one in Raleigh, if a tad lower, and it stands at around $220,500. However, the median income in the city is just around the national average, being at about $62,820.

one of the best places in NC for job seekers - Charlotte
The largest city in NC, and one of the best for job seekers – Charlotte!


If you are looking for a “medium-sized” city that still has most of the amenities of a large one, you can’t do wrong with the city of Winston-Salem. This dense suburban area has a population of around 245,000, a low median home value of about $148,000, and a minuscule rent (comparatively) of only $800. However, the main issue of the city is that its jobs simply do not pay all that much, on average. The median income in the city is “only” around $45,800. However, the living costs are proportionally lower than in larger cities. Living in Winston-Salem will cost you, on average, 21% less than living in Charlotte.

Greensboro is definitely one of the top places in NC for job seekers

Similar in size to Winston-Salem, and in most statistics, Greensboro is one of the top places in NC for job seekers. With a median home value of $156,300, the median rent of $880, and a median household income of about $49,000, it is a great place to live a comfortable life.


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