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What are the items that require climate controlled storage?

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What are the items that require climate controlled storage?

You are moving soon and need a storage unit to put your belongings away until the move? Or you are simply getting rid of the clutter in your home? Either way, you must be wondering what kind of storage is the best solution. Next Stop Movers Raleigh has different kinds of storage solutions that cater to everyone’s needs. Make sure to pay special attention to the sensitivity of your belongings to extreme weather conditions. If you have such items, temperature-controlled storage may be the solution for you. Find out exactly what are the items that require climate controlled storage.

winter is the time when your belongings can suffer damage from freezing
Extreme cold can damage items that require climate controlled storage

How is climate controlled storage different than regular storage?

Climate controlled storage means that the temperature in the unit is constantly kept between 55 and 85 degrees. This prevents the damage that over-heating or freezing could cause to sensitive objects. Temperature-controlled storage is usually found in indoor facilities. While it does come at a higher price than a regular storage unit, if you have some valuable possessions, it is well worth the investment. Climate controlled storage Raleigh NC is the best solution if you need to put away items such as furniture, clothes or numerous other items that are prone to damage in extreme weather conditions. Humidity is another thing that often causes objects to warp or rust, so if you live in a humid area make sure to consider renting a unit in a climate-controlled facility when looking for storage solutions.

Items that require climate controlled storage

Generally speaking, all items are better off if you keep them in a climate controlled storage, but there are certain objects that need it. Such are the objects that will suffer damage if exposed to extreme heat or cold, humidity etc. Think about your more sensitive belongings. Some of the items that need climate controlled storage are:

  • furniture (especially leather and wooden furniture)
  • antiques and collectibles (comic books, stamps, coins etc.)
  • photographs, artwork and books
  • electronics
  • lace or leather clothes
  • important documents, medications etc.


If you are renovating your house or moving to a smaller place, it may be challenging to decide what to do with excess furniture. You can always donate your old furniture. But, this is not an acceptable option for you it is a good idea to rent a storage unit for it. Ensure that you properly disassemble and pack the pieces of furniture you no longer need or have room for in your home. In case you are unsure how to do that, there are excellent packing services Raleigh NC residents can rely on. However, you have to keep in mind that most wooden and leather furniture does not take extreme heat, cold or humidity well. Choosing a climate controlled storage unit for your furniture will keep in good condition for as long as you need it.

leather furniture is one of the items sensitive to extreme weather conditions
Leather furniture is one of the items you should keep in a storage with optimal temperature conditions

Antiques and collectibles

Humidity is the no 1 enemy of antique items and collectibles such as coins, stamps or comic books. They can lose their value if kept in damp conditions for too long. Climate controlled storage is the perfect solution for keeping all your valuable antiques and collectibles safe and dry. When you keep them in perfect conditions, such items cannot rust, warp or otherwise get damaged even if they are stored away for longer time periods.

Photos, paintings and books

Similar to antiques and collectibles, photographs, paintings and books do not handle humidity well. Paper and water don’t get along, and the same goes for extreme heat or cold. To avoid losing precious memories saved in photos, or your favorite paintings and books getting damaged, temperature-controlled storage is key. Not to mention that artwork is quite expensive, so it is worth spending more money for a climate controlled storage unit. It’s definitely better than risking them getting going to waste.

books are safest in climate controlled storage
You want to keep your books away from humidity


The intricate connections and wiring in electronic devices tend to rust if exposed to humidity. This will cause the device to stop working properly. The same goes for exposure to high heat or freezing cold. This is why you need to store these items in optimal conditions. When it comes to storing electronics, a climate controlled storage is an absolute must. That way you will know your devices are safe and that they will be good to go when you need them again.

Lace or leather clothes

Sensitive materials such as leather or lace should also be kept in optimal temperature. Lace, and especially leather clothing can be ruined if not stored properly, and we all know it is not cheap to replace such items. If you are moving locally, and need your personal items such as clothing stored in a unit for some time, a climate controlled one is best. Movers Durham NC will take care of your relocation and a storage unit with temperature control will keep your possessions in perfect condition. Pack your clothes properly, and rent a storage unit in a temperature controlled facility to ensure they are safe from damage.

Are there other items that require climate controlled storage?

In addition to the items listed above, there are plenty of other objects that could benefit from a temperature-controlled facility. The list seems endless, most of your possessions would be better of protected from over-heating, freezing or humidity. Some more items that need special conditions when stored away are:

  • home appliances
  • media (DVDs, CD players, TVs)
  • toiletries and makeup
  • musical instruments
  • wine
  • important documents
  • medications

Whether you need storage services long-term or short-term, choosing the right facility for items that require climate controlled storage is unparalleled. Although it is more costly than other storage options, this kind of storage will keep all your belongings in the best conditions. You can be sure that your beloved photos and books or the furniture you inherited from your grandpa will not suffer any damage due to heat, cold or humidity. And if  we’re being honest, that kind of peace of mind has no price.

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